Relatable Love Songs for Millennials.
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Relatable Love Songs for Millennials.

Here are some relatable quotes from some great love songs.

Relatable Love Songs for Millennials.

Different songs relate to the different feelings and emotions we get in our lives. A lot of the emotions we feel as millennials have to do with wanting a relationship (at least for me). In my opinion, the best types of love songs are the ones that let you imagine the kind of love you want. Here are some quotes from love songs that are very relatable to us millennials.

“Won’t you hug me and hold me and tell me I’m lovely”

Lovely by Mt. Eddy

This is my favorite song by Mt. Eddy. Besides the catchy tune, it’s very relatable to how we want to be loved and the love we wish to grow old with. I don’t want to give too much of the song away, but you’ll definitely daydream about having kids with someone you love and growing old with them. Even if we live in an era of online dating and hooking up, deep down inside this is what we all want.

“You know you can't give me what I need

And even though you mean so much to me

I can wait through everything

Is this really happening?

I swear I'll never be happy again

And don't you dare say we can just be friends

I'm not some boy that you can sway

We knew it'd happen eventually”

"If It Means A lot To You" by A Day To Remember

This song is based on those relationships where both individuals are really stubborn. Sound familiar? Kind of similar to Rachel and Ross from Friends or Chuck and Blair from Gossip Girl, you so utterly want to be with that other person but you can’t. Love is love and I feel like sometimes we as millennials don’t understand that it can be just that easy.

"Let's make the best of the situation

Before I finally go insane.

Please don't say I'll never find a way

And tell me all my love's in vain."

"Layla" by Eric Clapton

This is an oldie but goodie. If you know the story between Pattie Boyd, you would know that Pattie was married to George Harrison (Yes, from The Beatles), when she had a guy named Eric Clapton fall in love with her. You can definitely look up the story about them and understand why he wrote this song. But I think the reason this song is so loved because this is the kind of love we want. Eric was absolutely in love with Pattie. He even admitted it to George himself. I want someone to love me the way he loved her.

"I’m ready to bury all of my bones".

I’m ready to lie but say I won’t

So tell me your secrets

And join me in pieces

To rot in this garden made of stones

Eternally yours"

Eternally Yours by Motionless In White

Well, this song is about falling in love with a vampire. In this song, the guy is willing to become a vampire and not be human anymore for this girl. Essentially, we want that eternal love.

"Listen, I don't mean to skip all of the baby steps

A/S/L, go and tell me 'bout your age and sex

Send me your location next, like Khalid

I'm living life exactly how I really want it to be

So we can let a long night turn into a week."

All For Me by Hoodie Allen

If anybody knows anything about millennial love, it is most definitely Hoodie Allen. His new album, The Hype, has a lot of songs that can relate to love sick millennials. These particular lyrics in the song make me think of the beginning of a relationship which is the best part. Those "baby steps" leading up to something great.

Music can impact the way we feel. A lot of the artists we listen to give us an entrance to imagination, letting us step away from the realities of life and the hardships we face. Us millennials are very worrisome, so listening to these songs help us get through life with a little bit of hope that love will come.

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