If you've never seen "10 Things I Hate About You," then stop reading this. Go watch it, six times, minimum. Once you're able to recite at least a quarter of the lines, then you may proceed with this article.

If you're anything like, then odds are you've been in some pretty *relatable* situations. And, if you're anything like me, you're a die-hard fan of Kat Stratford. Put these two things together and you have a pretty great, attention-grabbing article.

1. *An innocent pokes the bear that you have become*

2. *Brainless Cretan tries to intimidate you but you're immortal*

3. *When you stoop down to you're sister's immaturity level and copy everything she says*

4. *When a boy—*

5. *When you sense your sister doing something even remotely mainstream*

6. *When your dad asks if you've made anyone cry today*

7. *When something slightly inconveniences you* 

8. *When you make a poor choice and you know it's a poor choice but you want to make it seem like you're too far to stop now*

9. *when a boy low-key only starts dating you because he's getting paid but you also low-key catch feels*

10. *When you thought you had ten gifs with quotes but you only have nine yet you still wanna be funny and have ten considering the film is called "​​10​ Things I Hate About You" but you honestly don't care at this point*