I feel like us girl go through a lot when our friends get new boyfriends, we suffer through seeing them every day and having their undivided attention, to barely having their attention at all. Unfortunately, some even lose friends due to their boyfriends not liking their best friend, but these boys need to realize that just because they are dating our best friends doesn't mean we come last.

Best friends and boyfriends are on two different levels when it comes to this. The best friend is there to be a comfort and help to you when you need it, boyfriends do the same but in a different way than friends can. Boyfriends can give love and support but in a completely different way.

This also is the same for guys and their girlfriends, don't just drop you boys cause your girlfriend doesn't like them, calmly explain to her that they only want the best for you and that it isn't gonna change your relationship. Girls, if your guy has a serious conversation like that, take a step back and see where he's coming from and ask yourself if you've been hurt by a friend who ditched you for a guy.

Girls, don't ditch your friends for any man. Your girls are the only people who will tell you the truth if they think you are in harm's way, they will be able to detect a bad guy before you can, does this mean their instincts are always right? Of course not, but if she truly sees a change in the way your man acts, please take it seriously and try to notice the change yourself.

Not all guys are going to be bad for your friends though, sometimes you have to realize that, but if he is constantly trying to blame you for your friend contemplating the relationship, then you need to let your friend know so they don't assume that you two are fine. Also, sort out the situation like an ADULT. Nothing is worse than trying to sort out an argument with someone who acts like a child.

I love my friend's boyfriends but I don't like being hurt by them. So, if your boyfriend or girlfriend is hurting your friend, please have a talk with them on the subject and sort it out nicely. It will be better for all of you in the long run.