Reflection Of "Letter From Birmingham Jail"

Letter from the Birmingham Jail by Martin Luther King Jr is a very inspirational letter. Dr. King makes some great points throughout his story. One quote that stood out to me is “Injustice anywhere is threat to justice everywhere”. This quote is my favorite throughout the entire letter because it states that when there is a problem, it doesn't only affect that particular place but everywhere else as well. Dr. King saw how much injustice was in Birmingham. This quote pertains to us today as well. This entire year we saw several different African American males get brutally killed by officers and they were killed over harmless things. The quote itself states that when things like this happen, it threatens justice in our country. It feels like we keep taking one step forward in and two step back. So basically the more injustice that happens in this country, it sets us back from what leaders like Dr. King fought for.

Sometimes we may feel like something does not pertain to us because it’s not happening in our area. Anytime there is injustice, it affects everyone. That is what Dr. King tries to stretch throughout this letter. I do not consider myself better than anyone so I do not like hearing about Injustice happening. This quote lets me know that we are all in this together no matter what. I feel like if we allow injustice to happen anywhere else, it means we would allow it to happen in our own lives. This is a scary thought to think about. I absolutely love this quote and think that more people need to look at this quote and think about it. The quote itself is sometimes misunderstood and I feel like if people actually applied it to current situations, they will understand it. I hope as a country we would stand up when we see injustice and do something about it like Dr. King did.

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