A Recipe For A Great Bath
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A Recipe For A Great Bath

"I can stay in the bath for, well, the longest has been seven or eight hours. I get completely set up with my laptop so I can watch 'The Sopranos,' put out some scented candles, music. I have a towel nearby so I can dry my hand to change the music or the TV. I make a little heaven for myself. And then I just refill and refill." - Suki Waterhouse

A Recipe For A Great Bath

I have always been someone who believes that the bathroom is a sacred place. It's not because of the porcelain throne that you sit on while doing your business, but it's about a sense of privacy and relaxation. There are plenty of times where there is nothing better than being alone in a hot bath filled with bubbles. I have found solace in the bathroom and specifically the bathtub. My bathroom has held my laughter, tears, blood, sweat and dirt. It has held late night conversations and even that one time that my parents thought I was dead because I frequently like to nap in the water. The bathtub is a serene place to collect your thoughts and question the very existence of the world. Here's a recipe to make your bath experience a tad bit better.

1. Add a Ton of Bubbles

Adding bubbles and Epsom salt to the bathtub not only enhances the feeling of the water on your skin and increase exfoliation but it's also just a wonderful aroma that fills the room. My favorite two scents are currently Ocean Spa and Lavender. I switch between the two because sometimes I want my hair to smell much like the lavender bubble bath I utilize and vice versa. Bubbles bring back the childlike aspect to the tub and are just amazing for relaxation. If you take baths and don't utilize the wonderful God-given gift of bubbles, I am so sorry for you.

2. Add a Pound Music

Music by itself is amazing. The lyrics are wonderful, the beats are catchy and it has the ability to completely shift your mood. In the tub there is silence and the occasional splashing of water when you move around. To fill that silence, I say to play a playlist that best represents your mood for the full effect. There is nothing wrong with jamming out to Beyonce or silently crying to Adele. I have spent plenty of my time with my eyes closed as I listened to Halsey's Badlands Deluxe album while in the tub, and it's absolutely beautiful.

3. A Cup of Thought

The best place to do deep thinking is in the tub with or without music. The water and its temperature are very calming, and you tend to get lost in a peaceful state of privacy and serenity. There are times where you get displaced from time itself and wonder what happened before your birth or after your death. In the tub, I question the very existence of the world and its origins. I have planned out whole days and reminisced on plenty of events. I find that the bathtub allows you to expand your mental horizons and not be interrupted by the chaotic nature of the outside world, allowing a true sense of self.

4. A Dash of the Occasional Friend

While in the tub, I have called, FaceTimed, texted and snapchatted many many people. It's a wonderful time to converse with them while you're in a very relaxed state and, if you take long baths like me, they will definitely keep you from getting bored. There are indeed times where I get bored in the tub but I also don't want to get out because I am very relaxed. My friends understand my love for bubble baths and have no problem talking while I'm in one, God bless them and their acceptance.

5. One Good Book

Sometimes all someone needs is a good book and a nice hot bath.

6. Complete Privacy

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