A Rebuttal To Tomi Lahren's Response To The Orlando Shooting
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A Rebuttal To Tomi Lahren's Response To The Orlando Shooting

Stop being so close-minded.

A Rebuttal To Tomi Lahren's Response To The Orlando Shooting

To put it bluntly: your videos pissed me off.

The shooting in Orlando has been the prime focus of the media lately, and I noticed your videos being shared frequently on Facebook. Unfortunately, I decided to watch them, and I really wish I could slap some sense into you.

You shame Obama and other politicians for refusing to use the phrase, "radical Islam" or placing the blame on the religion itself, even though changing your vocabulary doesn't make the issue go away. You immediately blame Islam and shame all the people defending Muslims, but it's not like every Muslim in the world hates the LGBT community. It's not like all 1.6 billion Muslims in the world will decide to start another genocide on LGBT people. Just because a religion has certain beliefs or rules, doesn't mean everyone follows them. If you're Christian (and I'm just going to assume you are), you'd know that the Bible clearly states that premarital sex is a sin. You'd also know that the majority of Christians don't follow that rule at all. Likewise, just because it's against the Islamic faith to be gay, that doesn't necessarily mean all Muslims hate gays. Your religion doesn't always control your behavior or your feelings.

You say that all concealed carriers in America will always protect fellow Americans no matter who they are, and as much as I'd love to believe that, it's simply not true. There are still extremely racist and homophobic people in this country who would certainly choose not to protect a member of the LGBT or Muslim communities because they aren't true Americans in their eyes.

You urge people not to blame an inanimate object for this mass shooting and to blame the reason behind it instead. While I do agree that we should focus on homophobia and the killer's connection to ISIS (not Islam) being the reason for this tragedy, we still need to focus on the inanimate object that allowed him to successfully make this event happen. Had he not been able to get a gun, this wouldn't have happened, at least not on this scale. Forty-nine innocent people are dead because a gun fell into the hands of a man fueled by hatred.

This brings me to your point on the NRA and gun control. I agree with you that we shouldn't ban guns altogether since banning guns won't stop people from getting and using them. However, we desperately need to fix the process of obtaining a gun. Right now, just about anyone can buy a gun both in stores and online. More than half of the states in this country do not require background checks for private sales of firearms. While background checks are required for retail purchases, they are not as in-depth as they should be and don't necessarily include all state records, which can allow certain people to purchase guns even though they shouldn't. As far as online sales go, literally anybody can purchase a gun.

Don't you see what's wrong with that? You're so hell-bent on gun ownership and the Second Amendment that you, as well as many other Americans, fail to see that not everyone should have the right to own and use a gun just because someone wrote it down on a piece of paper over 200 years ago and declared it a basic right of a citizen.

I know you're angry and upset over what happened, but it seems that you are angry with and placing the blame on the wrong people instead of looking at the issue as a whole. You want to blame everything else but America when in reality, maybe America is actually the problem.

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