13 Reasons Why I Love My BIg
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13 Reasons Why I Love My BIg

A BIG thank you from your Little

13 Reasons Why I Love My BIg

With Spring Recruitment around the corner and starting at USF, I am excited for new members to come and love my sorority as well. Here are a list of reasons why I love my big!

1. She's my other half.

I know I can always count on her for anything. Between ranting to her about my day to sharing our love of food. We may have differences but we are similar so it makes us the best big/ little pair ever.

2. Our love for Disney.

My G-Big got her tickets when she was initiated and she gave me tickets as well so we went to Disney's Magic Kingdom before Thanksgiving break and it was the best time ever. Also it is her love for Tinkerbell and my love for Ariel which works for us. Love my fam.

3. She never judges me since she have been in my shoes.

Literally, she has been in my shoes. I'm not scared to tell my big anything because she knows what is happening (most of the time) and I'm pretty sure she has done the same things I have

4. I can always count on her for advice.

Whether it's me ranting about my class schedules, professors or situations, I know I can always count on her to tell me her opinion on the matter. She has my best interest always in mind.

5. My relationship with my big doesn't change when we haven't talked or seen each other in days.

When we see each other, she always yells, "LITTLE!!!" and hugs me. I love her.

6. She knows about my life.

Being a big, she always ask about anything in my life and anything that happened. Usually this is before chapter too.

7. She always tells me how much she loves me.

Whether it's through text, Snapchat, or in person, she always says, "I love you". She's very affectionate and love giving me hugs. Usually she tells it at the best possible moment and can always make me feel better. Also it's a everyday thing too.

8. Matching with each other.

I went to a Halloween party and saw her. She was a red M&M and I was a blue M&M. It was a coincident that we matched and I did not know that she was going to the same party. Another time was when we matched with our paddles and clothes.

9. Her love for stacking.

She loves stacking for pictures. Any event we go to, it's always a stacking picture and then we do a regular picture.

10. She encourages me to be my best self.

When I doubt myself on exams, or an internship, she thinks that I am going to do amazing things in my life. She encourages me even when I don't believe myself.

11. For acting as a mentor and a role model.

I have the best big because she is a role model in the chapter and is helping with my position in Cabinet. She is so involved with the sorority and makes me want to be involved as well.

12. For encouraging all of our purchases, ideas and decisions.

Whether it is going to get fro-yo after chapter when it is 10pm to impulsively spend money on clothes or shoes, she give me the pros and cons to make the right decision. If not, she will support that too and hope I learned from my mistake.

13. We're both alike.

I may have different majors as her but we are pretty much the same except for food. Both of us love Disney, our family, sleeping in, Netflix shows and other things. I can say that I get it from my big.

Being in a sorority is a lot of different things than just your big. You have philanthropies, sisterhood events, and chapter each week. I am so lucky to have my big because I have an amazing relationship with her. She doesn't get as much credit as she deserves so here's a BIG thank you! I love you! ALAM

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