11 Reasons Why Cats Are Amazing
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11 Reasons Why Cats Are Amazing


11 Reasons Why Cats Are Amazing
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One of the greatest things about the internet is that you can use it to search anything. The only thing greater than the magnificent tool known as the internet is one of the most searched things on the internet. This Legendary item of interest, is the wonder of cats. Cats have been domesticated for thousands of years and are wonderful to have. Cats, like us, are similar in structure but vary in size and color. They also have different personalities and bring different strengths to the table, also like humans. However, one major difference between cats and humans is that unlike cats, humans are garbage because we do stuff like burning people at a stake because we think they do things that we had no legitimate proof of.

1. There's a wine for cats to drink

Did your friends or significant other cancel out on you? no worries, you can party it up with your cat because of the marvelous invention of cat wine.

2. Kitty feet

Most people will agree that feet are disgusting, but cat feet are one of the cutest things to exist, aside from the cat itself. They're little bumps of fur with furry toesies.

3. Toe beans!

Image result for kitty teddy bear paws

Aside from them already being cute by themselves, you can turn your kitty's toe beans into a teddy bear! Now when they lay down and expose their precious toe beans, you can get a smile out of the toe beans on them!

4. Cuddle Buddy

Are you sad and don't want to talk to anyone? Cheer yourself up by getting your fluffy baby and watching a movie or something with them.

5. Entertainment

Have you ever been surfing the internet and came across something that you had no explanation for but are glad that you came across it? That's basically what life with a cat is, only it saves your internet and electricity bill from going through the roof.

6. Home protector

Do you need something to guard your home but can't afford a security system? Get a cat, they'll protect you from anything and everything, whether you want them to or not.

7. Hats

Have you ever wondered if your fruit rhines have more potential than being simply thrown away? You can carve out hats or even body armor for your cat!

8. Family friendly

Image result for cats cuddling humans

Need a pet that won't traumatize your skin baby? Get a fur baby to go along with it! It'll treat your kid like precious cargo.

9. Like children only better

Do you get tired of hearing your children argue with you when you ask them to do something? Get a cat because instead of arguing they'll sit there and stare at you, but hey silence is golden.

10. Memes

Need an inspiration for your memes? Try using cats

11. Cardboard boxes

Need something for your kids to do and a toy for your cat? get two in one by ordering something for your kids and use the box for your cat!

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