Why The University Of South Carolina Is A Superior School

After the recent loss in the annual USC vs. Clemson rivalry football game, I felt the need to explain why the University of South Carolina is still the superior school. We may not always win, but we always win.

Here are just a few of the reasons Carolina is the best school in the state.

1. Our location

Living in Downtown Columbia is definitely a plus because there is always something going on. Not only is living downtown fun but since we live in the middle of the state, trips to the beach or mountains are only a couple of hours away.

2. Tailgates

Tailgates are an all-day affair. They occur before, after, and sometimes during the game. There are also numerous places to tailgate at Carolina, whether it be a Cock a Boose or the frat lots, you're bound to have a good time.

3. Soda City, every weekend.

Small local businesses, food trucks, and other shops set up booths on Main St. every Saturday. You can buy food, jewelry, produce, flowers, and a lot more. The fun literally never stops.

4. Our mascot

Cocky is not only one of the most entertaining mascots in college football but he also participates in one of the best opening entrances for a football team. Let's not forget we have Sir Big Spur, who is the live mascot that attends every game. Saturday's in South Carolina just wouldn't be the same without them.

5. We don't wear God awful orange. 

This one is simple, no one looks good in orange. We wear garnet and black, and bleed it too.

6. The Community

Carolina is a university full of students who are there for each other and help others out when they're in need. Not only are the students nice, but the people of Columbia are also extremely welcoming. No matter where you're from, the community at the University of South Carolina makes you feel like family.

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