I made my Twitter account in the summer of 2011. I had heard about it through some friends so I figured I would see what the platform was all about. At first I thought that I would never use it since it seemed a bit confusing at first with the different functions Twitter has to offer, but I have grown to love Twitter. Fast forward to five years later, I check the Twitter app on my phone on a daily basis. Twitter is definitely the one app that I cannot live without. Here are some of the reasons why I love using Twitter!

  • All the content you need in one social media platform. Twitter allows users to upload photos, gifs, videos, run polls, and write small posts about anything and everything. These different types of content means that every profile can offer their followers a wide range of content for their viewing pleasure.
  • The power of the hashtag. The hashtag (#) is crucial to Twitter. Just by clicking on a hashtag on Twitter, users can instantly connect with others who are talking about that same topic. For instance, when the VMA’s were happening, #VMAs was a hashtag created by the show for viewers to tweet about the whole event.
  • Keeping up to date with the news. I admit, I do not watch the news shown on television stations, instead, I get all my news from Twitter. Popular and respected news outlets update their Twitter accounts to keep up to date with the news that is within the United States, but also globally. The news is sometimes reported first through social media before the traditional news stations report on it since Twitter is easily accessible. There is no need to go through the struggles of a television station when all you need is a post reporting the news as it is happening.
  • Meeting new people. I do understand that meeting people online is dangerous and personal information should never be shared with complete strangers, but Twitter has connected me and other users with people from all around the world. Twitter users are from all over the world so people can easily talk to someone from the United Kingdom even though they live in the United States.
  • Connecting with your idols. Majority of people who are popular for a wide range of reasons have Twitter. This means that fans of those individuals can easily send them a tweet and also view whatever they post. Even though some individuals reply to their fans more often compared to others, there is still a bit of hope that their idol at least got to read their tweet. Fans are able to be even more connected than before thanks to Twitter.
  • The memes! Twitter is the home to many memes. Meme’s are basically viral images, gifs, or videos that people share online. They can be used as reactions to things or just for a fun laugh. Since Twitter is constantly changing in order to keep up to date with everything, there are always viral meme’s that usually get created on Twitter first before other social media platforms get a hold of the funny content.

If you do not have a Twitter, I recommend that you give it a chance. You can always easily delete your account if you truly do not like the platform. If you do have a Twitter, what do you love about it?