We’ve all seen it plastered in the news. It’s everywhere. This place allows transgenders to use whichever gender bathroom that they associate with, this place doesn’t. The Target boycott. Etcetera. On issues like this, I like to put myself in the shoes of people on both sides to see where they’re coming from and determine who I’ll support in the argument.

Except that I couldn’t for this one.

I can’t for a lot of arguments. Gay marriage, marijuana, transgender bathrooms, etcetera. I honestly can’t fathom how people can be so bigoted and hateful that they would openly speak out against something that does not affect them. Of course, you can have your personal, private opinions. Of course you shouldn’t be persuaded to one side of the argument by a dumb Facebook post or BuzzFeed article. You’re entitled to think for yourself.

But if you have strong opinions that can easily hurt your fellow human beings, then don’t continuously shout them to the world. What do you expect to gain by posting long statuses about how you hate a certain group of people? Support for you intolerance? A pat on the back for voicing your offensive opinion? Chances are you have hundreds of Facebook friends or Twitter followers, and chances are one of those people is going to be offended. Even Donald Trump believes transgender people should be able to use the bathrooms that they associate with. Isn’t that an interesting turn of events?

I just cannot see what the problem is.

I honestly can’t. Whether or not I support allowing transgender people to use their preferred bathrooms (which obviously I do), I can’t see it affecting me in any life-changing way. But it will be life-changing for them. Everyone has a person who they’re striving to be, and by fighting against this issue, you’re impeding their dreams.

We are ALL human in our cores. We all have muscles and organs. We all have emotions and feelings. We all have wants and needs. We all have dreams. And when you shoot down others people’s dreams by being an outspoken bigot, then you ARE the problem.

If you perpetuate hate, then that hate’s gonna be thrown back in your face.

I’m at that point in my life where the hate just seems to be more and more unnecessary. I will gladly delete people from my life if they insist on being so intolerant. It’s 2016: we have cars that can drive themselves, virtual reality experiences, and fucking robots. And yet we still have the hate, the intolerance, the bigotry. I would love for my Facebook friends to drop under a hundred if that means I don’t have to see another pointless, offensive post.

I realize how hypocritical I must sound right now. “Don’t continuously put offensive shit on social media,” she says in a post on Facebook. I know. And I’m sure someone will read this and think, “Hey wow I sure am offended”. But I don’t give a fuck anymore. I am physically revolted at all the hate being thrown at a group of people that have already gone through so much pain and confusion in their lives. There’s nothing I hate more than hate. See? There’s the hypocrisy again.

Besides, Target was fine after the “huge crazy boycott” over creating gender neutral toys. So I’m pretty sure this new boycott will just let a group of activists bitch about their problems until they forget what they are.