11 Reasons Toby Is The Best Character In 'The Office'

11 Reasons Toby Is The Best Character In 'The Office'

Who thought it would be hysterical to give Toby a rock for his going away gift?

Everyone loves to laugh at the ridiculous implausibility of a boss like Michael Scott. They spend nine seasons falling in love with Jim and Pam, rolling their eyes at Kelly and Ryan's attempts at coupledom and seeing the rise and fall of Dwight and Angela over and over again.

But it is Toby who is the true unsung hero. Provoking Michael to make some of the best jokes of the show is only one of his best qualities. Here is why Toby Flenderson is the best character on "The Office."

1. He's generous and giving...

Toby's always there to lend a hand to his coworkers in their many, many times of need. He might be rejected most times, but he's still there.

2. Even when people may not deserve it.

He started out as the punching bag of Michael, who hated to have his antics cut short because of annoying HR. Slowly, more and more of his coworkers began to find him annoying or stifling. Poor Toby.

3. He's optimistic.

It might be unjustified optimism, considering everything, but he still sees the best in people. He even saw hope for Michael, who hated him for years, to get to know him better and become a close friend.

4. He's supportive.

And yeah, maybe no one really ever wanted his support, but he was still ready to pat them on the back when they needed it anyway. If anyone in that office needed some time to yell and complain about a problem, Toby would listen. To be fair, that was what he was paid to do, but he could've done a worse job.

5. He's crafty.

Where'd you find a potato in the office of a paper supply company, Toby? That's skill.

6. He thinks of the well-being of others.

Which isn't exactly a groundbreaking quality in a person, but it seems to be the downfall of many of his coworkers, most notably Michael, who not only doesn't think of others, but doesn't even vaguely understand the concept.

7. He just wants to help.

Even if you don't want his help, just let Toby help for once. Please. He just wants to support you. He just wants to be pals. Give poor Toby a chance.

8. He's a good friend.

Toby will lie for you on the spot, no questions asked. It might be a bad lie, but you did just put him on the spot. You can't expect much.

9. But he doesn't really have friends.

What's not to like about a misunderstood loner? Eventually, he moves to New York to "write the great American novel." He finds roommates who are better than friends because they have to give you notice before they leave you.

10. But who doesn't love the disliked outsider?

Toby never catches a break. Not even when he moves to Costa Rica and breaks his neck.

11. His merit is so under-appreciated in the workplace.

He's a good, good guy. Not in a fake way like Michael means, but he really just wants good to happen for everyone. Whether they like him or not, whether it's his job to care or not, he sees the best, hopes the best, and believes in the very best of everyone around him. Always.

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