5 Episodes Of 'The Office' That Motivated Me To Keep Going
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5 Episodes Of 'The Office' That Motivated Me To Keep Going

A quick montage of some of the most influential scenes from NBC's American Television Sitcom, "The Office."

5 Episodes Of 'The Office' That Motivated Me To Keep Going

It wouldn't be a reach to say that I am one of the most dedicated fans of "The Office". I think I began heavily watching the show around two years ago when I came to college.

I have probably seen the entire series at least twenty times, and that may be an understatement. In all seriousness, "The Office" got me through a lot of tough times throughout the past few years. It would be the only reason that I smile or laugh some days. As I continuously watched the show, and just started it from the beginning whenever I was done, I learned a different lesson every time I went through. It was kind of like watching your favorite movie a million times. You notice something more interesting every time, and it makes you love it even more.

The most important thing that I received from "The Office" was motivation. Whether it was motivation to get out of bed or motivation to study for a test, I got it from that series. These five scenes were imperative to me on many of my down days.

1. Michael's attempt to ride the "debt-free" train away from Scranton.

In this episode Michael notices that his current girlfriend, Jan, is making a lot of expensive renovations to their condo. He attempts to tell her that he's struggling financially, but he can't seem to get through to her. In hope of getting her to understand, he has Oscar the accountant call her while he's in the room and explain to Jan that Michael is broke. Jan begins to get frustrated and angry, causing Michael to leave the office building. The scene cuts to him running towards a train..that isn't even moving. Jan eventually comes to find him, and she reassures him that he's not alone, and that any problem he has they can fix together. This scene has taught me that even if I feel like I'm the only one struggling, I'm truly not by myself. I have family, friends, and classmates that care about me! The love around us outweighs the stress within us.

2. Jim's never-ending pursuit for Pam's love.

Even if you don't watch "The Office", I'm sure you've heard about Jim and Pam. Jim basically loved her throughout the entire series. Pam went through an engagement, and Jim went through two relationships before they both decided that it was time to date each other. It's impossible to concise the depth of this relationship into a brief explanation, but I can tell you what I learned from it. Jim's quest for Pam taught me that many good things don't come easy. Several things in life require dedication and hard work in order to attain them, and sometimes you still may not attain it. This series taught me that it's okay to not get what you originally wanted..because, something better may be waiting for you right around the corner.

3. Angela's time of need.

In this specific episode, Angela has just been dumped by her State Senator boyfriend. He left her for his male assistant. That misfortunate event left Angela alone with her child and barely any money. Oscar, the accountant we discussed earlier, also had an affair with the State senator, but he was still willing to help. This episode taught me a few things honestly. I learned to never fully rely on someone to keep a roof over my head or food in my belly, because one day they may be gone. Also, I learned that even the person that you least expected to help will sometimes show up. I'm sure that she didn't think her husband's histress/her coworker of ten years would open his home to her. It really helped me keep hope when I was going through what I thought was rock bottom.

4. The warehouse hits the numbers.

This was one of my FAVORITE episodes. I've always dreamed of hitting the lottery, but aside from that, I was so happy the first time I saw this scene. I was screaming like they were rich in real life..and now that I think about it, they probably are from this series. The warehouse was always the hardworking employees, and they always complained about their pay and treatment as well. I felt bad thinking that they had to lift heavy boxes of paper all day. So, when they all won the lottery with the "Lottery Pool" they collect each week, I was so excited. This taught me that miracles actually do come around. You may be tired and unmotivated today, but tomorrow you could wake up a millionaire! It's nice to dream.

5. Dwight's promotion.

As crazy, irresponsible, and weird as Dwight is..he's always had a great professional resume. He has always had a hilarious obsession with power and authority. So, during the last season of the "The Office", CEO David Wallace finally grants him that privilege. It was really satisfying to finally see Dwight achieve his long-term goal for himself. I love this episode because sometimes I feel like my goals are unattainable or super far away. It may be crazy to get affirmation from a television show, but luckily for me, that's all my self-esteem needed at the time. This episode made me realize that I can actually attain whatever I set my mind to.

If you have yet to watch "The Office", I highly recommend the series. I know a lot of people don't find dry humor funny, but even if you don't laugh you may genuinely enjoy the storyline. I was really lucky to have this series by my side when I had the worst days. I would just log into Netflix, and eventually, I would forget what I was even upset about. I'm still lucky to have the show now. If you guys decide to watch the series, I hope that it teaches you as many lessons as it has taught me.

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