10 Reasons To Love Post Malone
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10 Reasons Why Post Malone Is Not Just A Talented Artist, But Also A Lovable Person

Honestly, what's not to like?

10 Reasons Why Post Malone Is Not Just A Talented Artist, But Also A Lovable Person
Becca Singer

Post Malone has so much to offer as an artist — I just can't seem to understand why someone wouldn't like him. If you're on the edge about him, let me tell give you 10 solid reasons to fully embrace being a fan!

His looks

Post's style is so unique. From his braids to his short curly hair, he's always keeping it real and being himself. In fact, some of the outfits he wears on stage he actually designed and created himself. If that's not cool, I don't know what is!

He's kind to his fans

It is noticeable that Post is always kind and loving to his fans. Life as a celebrity can be pretty overwhelming, and yet he still makes an effort and time to say hello to fans.

His music

I mean, in general, his music is amazing. He always puts it all out there. He's not afraid to be vulnerable, which makes him so relatable, in his music and that's something to really appreciate. His music can also fit into many genres and not many artists can say they've been able to do that.

He's funny

You have to be crazy not to agree with this one. From his concerts to his various interviews, it's hard not to think that Post is hilarious. He's always cracking jokes and having a good time. If you still don't believe me, watch this video!

He doesn't conform

He's not like any of the other artists in his genre of music. He follows his own path and stands out. His music is unique to him, and no one could ever be the artist he is.

He's humble

In 2018 Post's album "Beerbongs & Bentleys" was the second most sold album in the nation and he had every reason to brag, but he remained humble. He has won other various music awards as well and was humble through it all. There are not that many artists in his genre(s) of music who are like that anymore so he truly does stand out in a positive way.

He has a great voice

In my opinion, many singers and songwriters in the rap industry can't really sing. I find that most of them just speak out the words while Post truly vocalizes and has an incredible voice. He puts extreme emotion into his performances and he's hard not to love when he's on stage.

He writes his own music

Many singers these days do not write their own music and, in some ways, it shows. Post writes his own songs that are personal to him and it shows through his vocals. He even discusses the meaning behind each of them at his concerts and that's something that makes music so much more special. He's never taken the easy way out, he's always worked hard for what he has. In my opinion, as an artist, he's the whole package.

He came up on his own

This is something that really inspires me. He started out writing things on his own and just kind of goofing around, but then a friend offered to help him make a recording and put it on SoundCloud and so he did. It ended up blowing up and eventually it created a career for him. There were a lot of people at school who teased him and told him he sucked, but he pushed past that and aimed high. That's something that's inspiring to all.

 What's not to like

As it seems, Post is an awesome, talented guy. No one should look past his talent and abilities ever! He's the whole package and there just doesn't seem to be any reason not to like him. He's the best!

Post Malone is by far my favorite artist because there are so many reasons to love him that aren't related to music. I think that's what makes him so special. I hope after reading this you can find at least one reason to love Post Malone.

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