Okay, a disclaimer: I actually REALLY didn't start getting into G-Eazy until over this past summer AFTER "Him & I" had already been out for about a year.

Fake fan, I know, but I have gone through and listened to a lot of his older music, and once you get past the many references about drugs, sex, alcohol and women, there are actually a lot of really good messages in there like financial issues, growing up in a broken home and accepting someone regardless of their sexuality.

I do have to add though that I got to see him live back in August on the Endless Summer Tour, and that only made my love for him take a deep spiral downward, and thus, this list of reasons why we don't deserve a man like G-Eazy was born.

1. His dance moves, which are not the best


Alright, let's be honest here, while G-Eazy is quite arguably one of the most attractive men on Earth, I will be the first to admit that he CAN'T dance. Look up his music video for "Drop" and tell me I'm wrong.

2. That bleached blonde hair

His hair makes up for his God awful dancing. At least that's a plus.

3. His accent

G-Eazy is from the Bay Area in California, so he naturally has some kind of accent that I can't quite describe. It's like a country accent mixed with a Boston-ish accent. I'm not sure what it is, but I LOVE IT.

4. His lyrics


If you can look past the typical rapper lyrics about drugs, alcohol, booze and women, then G-Eazy is the man for you. There are a lot of things that people go through that aren't really talked about because they're hard to and nobody knows how to start a conversation about it.

Luckily, G-Eazy does. Just to name a few, he gives a rundown of his life story in "Eazy," and how he was confused about his mom dating a woman but later accepting it in "Everything Will Be Ok."

5. He and Halsey's relationship

Even though we don't know what goes on behind closed doors and pictures only tell us so much, G-Eazy and Halsey have appeared to rekindle their love that died off after what appeared to be cheating rumors. This relationship, along with so many others out there like it, prove that if you love someone, you really do go through hell and high water, but you always find your way back to one another.

6. His stage presence


Besides all the flashy graphics that are going on behind him, G-Eazy does put on quite a show. At my show, there was not one moment where he was standing still, he was ALL OVER THAT STAGE. He also pops champagne and water bottles and sprays them into the crowd, so if you're in the pit or in the first few rows, good luck.

7. His smile

I'm not sure what more I can say here. Just look at that perfect smile.

8. His unique sense of fashion

G-Eazy has said in a few different interviews that he likes wearing leather jackets, and that's something that isn't around too much anymore. I think it's cool how he has his own style and doesn't really care about what's in or out.

9. His story breaks your heart


While he may seem like a care-free, sometimes narcissistic douche, if you listen carefully to his music, you'll know that he had a hard childhood. He was into drugs, was in juvenile detention, had money and family problems and couldn't comprehend why his mom was dating a woman.

Even if not everyone went through these things, somebody somewhere has, and for an icon like G-Eazy to be brave enough to tell his story and talk about what he went through is incredibly brave and provides comfort for people out there who need it, letting them know they're not alone.