10 reasons to love Cody Simpson

10 reasons to love Cody Simpson

It's impossible to not, really.


1. He was the first UNDP Ocean Advocate


"I have been a lover of the sea ever since I can remember. I think I learned how to swim before I could walk," Cody says in a video posted on June 8th by the United Nations. "I guess over the course of time, I started to open up to a lot of the issues surrounding the oceans."

2. He writes poetry! *sighs*


Poem For Mother Earth

sun dance tribe of young
like monks at the saloon
meditating drunk or high
hypocritical modern day wolves
parading proudly through concrete forests of grey where our brothers of green used to be
used to breathe
breathe no more but hunt on eagerly
eyes on feast of gentle lies and false truth
my appetite distracts me from my suffocation

Cody Simpson

3. Not only that, but his music is to die for


Wave One is his newest release and it has four tracks on it.

4. He's a big brother, y'all *cries*


Cody has two younger siblings, Alli and Tommy.

5. Total eye candy, too *crying intensifies *


6. He made an appearance at We Day California


If you didn't know, We Day is a day dedicated to giving back in all forms. From picking up litter or building schools across the world, they do it all.

7. He writes his own music! *passes out*


Cody actually had no label to back him up when recording Free. "I just hated being a part of that commercial world and I just really wanted to take a step in the direction of separating myself from all that stuff. It's so political. I've been trying to keep everything super genuine." says Cody in an interview with TeenVogue.

8. He saves your pets!


Cody worked with PETA when he first started music (2012).

9. His Twitter be poppin' yo *calls mom*


Here's an example of what I mean

We may wear different clothes, but we wear the same sun. CS

9:34 AM - 20 Jun 2018

10. His Instagram is pure heaven *actually dies*


Don't believe me? Follow him and find out, don't say I didn't warn you ; )

You're welcome.

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Vine/Katie Ryan

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