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11 Reasons To Become A Hermit That You Can Keep To Yourself

The perfect lifestyle for those sick of reading articles about the perfect lifestyle.

11 Reasons To Become A Hermit That You Can Keep To Yourself


Feeling overwhelmed by school, work, everyday life? Looking for a way out? There may be one viable option that you are overlooking: becoming a hermit. Yes, this lifestyle offers the tranquil silence of monkhood without the shaved head. If you're not yet convinced this is the path for you, below is more motivation for you to become the best recluse you can be:

1.No school/work

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Though a given, this is truly one of the highlights on this list. Because nothing says "pure bliss" like not having to respond to a discussion post or annoying co-workers.

2. Quaint and peaceful living quarters

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Nothing beats the tranquility of a remote cave in the woods. The only downside is that there aren't any Pinterest hacks for decorating a hermitage so you'll have to get creative.

3. No need to keep up on the latest trends

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Who's to say that the wool cloak and walking staff you've been sporting isn't fashionable? Other people? I don't think so.

4. Any outlook is acceptable

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If you're a hermit, your rampant cynicism can't be met with phrases like "You need to be more positive!" or "Who are you, and why are you ruining my child's birthday party!?"

5. Literally zero obligations

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What's stopping you from staying in bed until three in the afternoon? Nothing now. Also you can't summoned for jury duty if your residence can't be located.

6. No roommates

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….Need I say more?

7. Living off the grid

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A life free from the constructs of society is liberating. And as long you can outrun the IRS, you'll be alright.

8. Becoming more attuned with nature

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Life as a hermit offers unlimited time to take in the beauty of nature. Think Snow White's proclivity to communicate with woodland creatures, but with the disheveled appearance of the old, evil queen.

9. Never having to sit in traffic ever again

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If you still needed convincing to live out the rest of your life in the woods, this alone should be enough motivation to drop everything and drive to the woods as fast as possible. Traffic permitting of course.

10. Eliminating unhealthy habits

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Harvesting your own food allows for a healthy diet free of processed items and refined sugars.Looking to be beach-body ready? Its as simple as uprooting your life, venturing into the mountains and learning to fend for yourself.

11. Alone time

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The final, and possibly most obvious benefit of becoming a hermit is a life void of all uncomfortable and awkward social interactions. No more uncomfortable exchanges. Kiss the panic of having to make a phone call goodbye. If you are looking to excel to the highest level of introversion, this is the Superbowl of avoiding social contact.

In all, the life of a hermit has astounding benefits and endless possibilities. This lifestyle offers a placid existence, but it is not for the faint of heart. So next time you encounter the inconveniences of everyday life, just remember: its not too late to embark on a life of peace and vagabondism.

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