9 Reasons Why You Should Start Your Own Blog, Just For Fun

9 Reasons Why You Should Start Your Own Blog, Just For Fun

My blog is obviously for other people to read, but it's also a fun way that I've documented my music tastes over the years.


I started my own blog in my freshman year of high school, and I still post on it occasionally to this day. It started out as a vehicle to express my obsession with the Beatles, but now it's evolved into a more general blog about music I like, which still includes the Beatles, of course (check out Beatle Me Do if you're interested!). I've always been really proud of my blog and felt that it was a rewarding way for me to express myself. Even as busy college students, we could all use a little more time to write what we feel, and why not channel that into a blog?

1. It's a great way to creatively challenge yourself to come up with ideas 


These articles that I write every week also allow me to flex this creative muscle, but before I started writing Odyssey articles, blogging was one of the main ways that I regularly challenged my brain to constantly generate new, interesting ideas for posts. Sometimes it's like pulling teeth to come up with a post topic, other times I have too many options in my head, but every time I blog I feel like I intellectually challenged myself.

2. You have the opportunity to connect with people that you never would have otherwise interacted with


Though my blog (admittedly) doesn't get tons of traffic, probably because I don't have time to post on it that often, I always love when people comment about how much they liked a post or how it inspired them. One of my favorite blog stories is that a girl from Australia discovered my blog a few years ago, started commenting, and then apparently started her own Beatles blog because of mine! It's stories like this that remind me how small the world is now, and also how anything we post online can be seen by literally anyone, anywhere in the world.

3. Whenever you have a lot of pent-up emotions, you can productively channel that into blogging


I often feel that my most honest and insightful blog posts come from moments in which I was feeling a very strong emotion. Whether that emotion is frustration, inspiration, confusion, or anything else, it's much easier to write on a "full emotional tank," as I say, than on an empty one. And it's much more productive to channel these often confusing emotions into writing than to take them out on a loved one.

4. You can discover other cool blogs about subjects that interest you


Through the people that comment on my blog, I've learned a lot about other cool music and movie topics that I wouldn't have otherwise known about. I've also started looking to blogs for information about other, non music-related topics, like personal finance, simply because I know how contagious the blogging bug can be. Though blogs don't have to be anything more than someone's unfounded opinion, many blogs provide thorough, well-cited information about their subjects.

5. It's a great excuse to learn a lot more about a topic you enjoy


When I started this blog, I (foolishly and incorrectly) thought I knew everything there was to know about the Beatles. I quickly found out that, as a 14 year old girl, I had only scratched the surface of how the Beatles have impacted music and the world in general. I've read several more Beatles books and been to several Beatles and music-related lectures since I started this blog, and it seems that the world of Beatles knowledge just keeps expanding with time.

6. Blogging is a perfect way to procrastinate while still feeling like you're being productive


I sometimes have a bad habit of working on something that I know isn't due imminently, but that I feel like doing more than the work that's actually due the next day. Especially in high school, but even sometimes in college, blogging has filled those hours in which I ended up being half-productive by posting but avoiding my Econ reading. It's a nice feeling to know that you're using your free hours to create something, until you realize that they're only free because you have a math test tomorrow that you haven't started studying for yet.

7. You could become a little more tech-savvy and discover all the ins and outs of running your own site


Though I still have a LOOOOONG way to go before I actually use Wordpress to its full potential with regards to my blog, I am proud of myself whenever I figure out how to add a new widget to the blog sidebar or edit how the tags are displayed on the screen. Website-builders like Wordpress are very simple to use for those that are totally not tech people and have no idea how to build and upkeep a website, but have a fun concept that they want to share with the world.

8. You'll automatically have an interesting hobby to talk about in applications or interviews


Since I don't post on it a ton anymore, sometimes I hesitate whether I should talk about my blog when asked about my interests and hobbies. Usually though, I mention it, because it's something I love doing and that I have fun stories about. Finding that small side hobby that you devote time and energy to may seem unimportant, but it could also be the only thing that someone remembers about you after you have a conversation.

9. I said it in the title, blogging is FUN!


No matter what mood I'm in, blogging always puts a smile on my face. Whether my post gets 20 views or 200 views, I'm always glad that I decided to post whatever Beatles or music-related thing was on my mind that day. I enjoy the rush of excitement whenever I hit that "publish" button, and also the satisfaction of reading back over my old posts and re-learning something that I'd forgotten.

My blog is obviously for other people to read, but it's also a fun way that I've documented my music tastes over the years. I'd like to think that my writing style is somewhat more sophisticated now than it was several years ago, but I also feel that in many ways I haven't changed that much. I'm still a girl who enjoys telling the world how much I love the Beatles and music in general, and I hope that blogging provides that same fulfillment for all who do it.

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11 Things You Understand If You Hate Physical Contact

Please keep your hands and feet away from me at all times.

We currently live in a world where EVERYONE LIKES TO TOUCH EACH OTHER. People enjoy hugs, high fives, tapping others on the shoulder, pokes, ect. For someone like you and me (I'm assuming you too since you clicked on this article), this is the WORST thing in the world. Whenever I think of someone touching me (even just a poke) without my permission my reaction is like Sofia Vergara in Modern Family.

I mean, when I take that love languages quiz, physical touch is always on the bottom of my preferences. So I thought to my self, you know I can't be the only person in the world that hates physical touching. So here are 11 things every person who hates physical touch will understand:

1. When people tickle you

I don't care that it's just for fun and jokes; I'm not laughing because I want to, you are literally forcing me to laugh. I hate you, get your greasy hands off of me before I make you get them off of me.

2. When people think they need to tap your shoulder to get your attention

As if simply saying "Hey" followed by my name wasn't enough. I don't need your grubby little fingers touching me. Now I'm annoyed with you before this conversation even started, what do you want?

3. When someone you barely know reaches in for a hug

I don't know who the heck you're thinking you're about to hug because it sure isn't going to be me. Hugs are reserved for people I know well and like, not you. Okay release me now, I am not enjoying this. LET ME GO.

4. When people tell you that you aren't an affectionate person

Are you aware there are ways to show my affection without constantly being all over you like a koala bear? Yes, I'm affectionate, hop off.

5. When someone is in your personal space

We could be best friends, we could be complete strangers. We could be lovers, I could hate your guts. We could be in private, we could be in public. I don't care what the situation is, if you're in my personal space uninvited GET OUT. There is no reason to be so close to me unwarranted.

6. You don't know how to comfort people

When you see an upset loved one, most people think they you should comfort then by pulling them into a long lasting hug. But, that's the kind of things that your nightmares are literally made out of. So, you stand there confused how you should comfort your friend/relative while also not sacrificing your touch moral code.

7. When people say you "look like you could use a hug"

Um no. I never could use one, get off of me. I will let you know when I want one.

8. When you're hugging someone wondering how soon you can release

Please end my suffering.

9. When you arrive at a social gathering and people rush to greet you with hugs

Let's not.

10. When you try to leave a social gathering by just waving to get out of goodbye hugs

Please no one make me hug you.

11. That one person who is allowed to hug you/touch you

This person, typically a significant other or best friend, gets to break all the "no touch" rules and we gladly accept their hugs and cuddles and public displays of affection. But only them, no one can copy them.

Cover Image Credit: YouTube

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7 Reasons 'Starset' Deserves To Get Big

The main reason they deserve success is that they love everything they do.


Starset consists of four members, Dustin Bates, Ron DeChant, Brock Richards, and Adam Gilbert. The band was formed in Columbus, Ohio in 2013. Their music has influenced my and several others lives.

Here are a few reasons why they deserve to go down as one of the biggest bands in history.

1. They're the most original band I've heard in awhile.

Starset's content is unlike any other band I've heard or seen before. They classify themselves as "space rock", creating a type of music that many have never heard of before. They use your regular guitar, bass, and drums, but they also incorporate the use of violins, cellos, and synthesizers to create the unique, one of a kind sound. The lead singer, Dustin Bates, even created his own microphone that distorts his voice to use in live shows, so that you feel as though he's speaking to you through a radio in a space station.

2. They're all a bunch of nerds/dorks.

Starset is the kind of band that you'd love to be friends with. Not only are they wicked smart, they also have an amazing sense of humor. They incorporate their knowledge into the songs that they write, leaving you wanting to learn more about what it is they write in their songs.

3. Their songs are lyrically and melodically beautiful.

Ricochet is one of their most impactful and meaningful songs. When you first listen to it you can hear the emotion in Dustin's voice, but as you take a minute to listen to the lyrics, you realize it has so much more meaning than what you assumed. It represents the struggle of a relationship gone sour, the internal struggles within yourself, and the effect it has on both people in the relationship. It's a song that a lot of people can relate to, and I find that amazing.

4. They interact with and care about their fans.

Nyah Kite

Before their shows, they do eat and greets where they hang out with their fans, eat pizza, perform some acoustic songs, and take pictures with them. They have genuine conversations with them, asking us our names, what we like to do, and just keep up small talk. My brother, pictured here, had a conversation with Ron, the bassist, before the show started and they got along phenomenally. I don't know many bands who take that much time to get to know their fans and they even interact with them on Twitter.

5. Have comics with Marvel.

The Prox Transmissions - Marvel Comics


Not only does Starset create music, they also have their own comics with Marvel. The comics are based on an alternate world they created through their music. Each album has a story, but now it's come to life through their comic, The Pros Transmissions. How dope is that?

6. Created their own society to inform the world of various things.

The Starset Society is a mission, created by Starset, to inform others of the up-coming technological advances happening in the world today. The main goal of this society is to make sure we're well aware of the things happening in the world, and it's not just aimed for the fans of Starset. It's influenced by the idea of Thomas Jefferson that says the first step toward a guided future is an informed public.

7. They love what they do.

Nyah Kite

The main reason they deserve success is that they love everything they do. They put so much work into making their shows interactive and enjoyable, and they spend years working on albums so that they and their fans are pleased with the final product. Knowing that they put so much passion and effort into their work makes it obvious that they deserve to be one of the biggest bands in history.

After learning more about this amazing, influential band, aren't you intrigued to hear more of their music? To learn more about their society and their comics? They're great people with a great purpose driving them to continue creating some of the most unique, epic rock sounds in history. Check out Starset. You won't regret it.

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