There is nothing better than getting into the shower after a long day, it feels as if you are washing all of your worries away. All of the dirt from the day is sent down the drain, never to be seen again. Just to stand there, when you have nothing else to be concerned with, is fantastic. After showering I feel reborn- a whole new, shiny person. It is the ideal ending to my day.

1. The warmth — I take really hot showers, which steam up the bathroom to the point where you might think you are in San Francisco. The heat is so relaxing, it is the corner stone of any good shower. Being warm is my favorite part of taking a shower because it is comforting and is especially nice after a cold winter day.

2. Quality time to think — If you do have problems that are so bad that the shower doesn’t make you forget all about them, then you are in luck because you now have at least 20 minutes of alone time to reflect. I do some of my best thinking in the shower. The white noise of the water running and the stillness of everything else makes the shower the perfect place to work through problems.

3. Jamming out — The shower is the one place that everyone can sing and no one can judge. I always sing in the shower, and I don’t care who hears! It is my time and I will do with it as I please. Most of the time my roommates with turn on music and I can just sing along with that but, even if there isn’t music playing I’m happy to serenade them a Capella style.

4. Fresh from the shower feel — I suppose that the real reason why we shower is to not smell the next day. I love the way the bathroom smells after showering, TRESemme products smell amazing. On top of that, after showering my hair smells fantastic, which is just incredibly satisfying.

5. Relaxation After a tough practice or a harsh day at school a long, hot shower is the best way to wind down. The heat actually helps your muscles relax, and loosen up but beyond that the shower is such a peaceful place. I get out feeling fully cleansed from my day and relaxed enough to fall asleep in my towel, immediately after stepping out.

Well, after all that work I think I have earned a shower myself.