6 Reasons Why I Love My Big Family
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6 Reasons Why I Love My Big Family

"The experience has taught me some things from being a mediator to being an experienced babysitter."

6 Reasons Why I Love My Big Family
Jasmin Johnson

Being the oldest of seven children has its ups and downs, but the experience has taught me some things from being a mediator to being an experienced babysitter. Here is what my big family lifestyle has taught me.

1. How to cook on a budget.

Since I am in a large family, I have learned to cook on a budget and to buy grocery in bulk. I also have learned to make many items that we buy in the grocery store such as cheese, bread, applesauce, and butter. Learning how to cook for a large family is a skill I value the most.

2. Never buy regular price clothes. In fact, look for on sale, clearance, or purchase off-season

It may seem weird to buy off season clothes such as purchasing fall items in the summer, but, doing so you will have clothes for the approaching season; and your clothes will be a whole lot cheaper! I do this all the time when I'm shopping for novelties.

3. I will never lose my inner kid.

Because my siblings are wide in their age range, I have never lost my inner kid. You most likely can catch me laughing with my sister at something Barbie did or watching Ultimate Spiderman with my brothers. You also will find me playing silly games with my siblings such as don't blink or the manners game.

4. The family will always be there no matter what.

One thing that I saw with my family is that they will always be there for me in my time in need. Whether it is I had a stressful day at school, and I just need to hash it out to my mom, I need a shoulder to cry on I always can count on my family.

5. How to be a crafty gift giver on a Budget.

I love to give gifts! And when your apart of a large family you get very crafty with the gifts! Pinterest is mine go to for my friends and family when its gift time. My favorite gift to make slime and homemade playdough my siblings love. I also like to make jewelry for my mom and sister.

6. How to be an all-around awesome babysitter.

Finally, being placed in the position of being the older sister I have found ways to be the fun babysitter when I have to watch my siblings. I try and do fun things like baking, weird science, and making delicious snow cones when the weather is just right.

In the end, I am happy to have a large family and could not want it any other way.

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