Halloween is just around the corner, and everyone has their own way of getting into the spirit. Some people decorate their home. Others eat loads of candy. And of course there are all of the Halloween movies on TV around this time to watch. Personally, I do all three. Out of every Halloween-themed movie out there, the one that always sticks out as the best (to me) is Hocus Pocus. Here are 13 reasons why you should watch Hocus Pocus this Halloween:

1. Bette Midler's portrayal of Winifred

This multi Grammy Award-winning singer is hilarious as the leader of the Sanderson sisters. Winifred is the witch that you just love to hate. Her iconic lines will have you quoting her for weeks after watching.

2. Kathy Najimy playing Mary

The beautiful Kathy plays the second Sanderson sister. Known for her ability to smell children, Mary can usually be found running after Winifred or giggling with Sarah.

3. Sarah Jessica Parker's role as Sarah

And last but not least of the Sanderson sisters is Sarah. She's boy crazy and doesn't seem to be as bright as her sisters, but her song "Come little Children" is sure to give you chills.

4. All of the subtle adult humor

This movie is perfect for the whole family. It balances humor for children and adults so that even if you saw it as a kid, it is worth a re-watch.

5. Max and Allison are cute af

Max has a rough start at the beginning of the movie. Insulting a girl's favorite holiday and then trying to get her number isn't the best plan. Throughout the movie, though, we get to watch them get closer and by the end they are definitely #goals.

6. Dani is the most badass 8 year old

Dani is the typical annoying little sister, but she somehow manages to capture your heart. Maybe it's how she's never afraid to take on a bully or her absolute faith in her brother. Whatever the case, never underestimate her. Just ask the Sanderson sisters!

7. Ice's haircut reveal

These guys are such jerks, but if that isn't the best way to tell someone your name then I don't know what is! Also, it was such sweet satisfaction when it was revealed that they are still in those cages even after the Sanderson sisters left.

8. Thackery Binx makes you want a cat

Super cute as a human and the sass master as a cat, Thackery Binx will make anyone feel the need to go out and adopt a black cat. Preferably a talking one.

9. The Sanderson sister's reaction to the 20th century

Being from 1693, the sisters are a bit taken aback by the technology and customs they encounter during their brief adventure. Though they give a pretty accurate description of a high school.

10. The spells

When Winifred casts a spell it is simply magical. Her voice just drips power during these scenes.

11. The "Billy not being evil" twist

Zombies are terrifying, but Billy just wants to yell at Winifred for killing him.

12. An 8 year old and a cat will make you cry

If you say you didn't cry when Thackery Binx died you are either lying or you're Winifred.

13. I Put a Spell on You

Of course I can't forget the song that bewitched us all. We are all yours Winifred and we ain't even mad about it.