4 Reasons I Have A Love-Hate Relationship With "Gilmore Girls"

4 Reasons I Have A Love-Hate Relationship With "Gilmore Girls"

I need coffee by the vat.

Ever since I arrived at college two years ago, Gilmore Girls has been my go-to comfort TV show. While it's taken me half of my college career to complete the series (not including the revival), the show is still my television equivalent of hot mac-and-cheese in a bread bowl. This is not to say, however, that it's a perfect show. For as many things that I love about the show, there is always a storyline that seems like a desperate ploy for new drama and romance. So without further ado, here are five horrible things about Gilmore Girls, followed by five wonderful things about Gilmore Girls.

1. How on Earth do they eat so much?

I entirely believe that it is impossible to watch Gilmore Girls without a snack, mainly because Lorelai and Rory are continually eating combinations of Chinese takeout, candy, ice cream, chips, and anything else their hearts desire. While this is all fun to watch, their perfect skin and toned physiques are lies I tell you, lies. There's nothing worse than vegging out with a bag of chips while watching beautiful women do the same thing with no consequences. But....

I love that they eat so much.

The Gilmore women may have unrealistic looks, but seeing women who eat and don't care who's watching is a wonderful anomaly in the world of entertainment. I'm so tired of watching coiffed, toned women picking at their little salads and complaining about how sore they are from the gym. While there's certainly balance to be had, seeing women enjoy a burger without worrying is always appreciated.

2. Taylor Doose.

For those of you who aren't up on your Gilmore Girls characters, Taylor Doose is the WORST. He is the human equivalent of a bossy, rude, uncompassionate, wet mop. He is always a downer, and any scene with him in it automatically makes me cringe. But...

The members of Stars Hollow are some of the best people.

Most of the Stars Hollow townspeople are wonderful, caring neighbors. Miss Patty is always good for a snarky comment, and Babette's antics are some of my favorites, not to mention the comedic genius that is Kirk. Honestly, one of the greatest things about Gilmore Girls is the character development of the entire town, not just the two main women.

3. Lorelai and her mother are the worst.

They both treat each other terribly. Yes, Emily Gilmore is overbearing and controlling and frequently horrible, but that's no excuse for Lorelai's treatment of her. After Richard's heart attack, Lorelai berates her mother for trying to take care of the details, and that scene always breaks my heart. During any heartbreak or chaos in the family, those two are always at each other's throats, and by the seventh season, I was tired of both of them. Nevertheless...

The families of Gilmore Girls always stick together.

The families in Stars Hollow are some of the most realistic and beautiful characters on television. Sookie and Jackson always care for each other, and Babette and her husband are the cutest (weirdest?) couple in Stars Hollow. While it might be an unpopular opinion, I also love Lane and Zack's development throughout the series. Don't @ me.

4. Rory.

Okay, here's my most unpopular opinion: Rory Gilmore is spoiled and annoying. I began to realize this when she slept with Dean (her MARRIED ex-boyfriend), and the final straw was when she gave up on college just because her boyfriend's dad gave her an unfavorable review. She spent her whole life being told she was perfect, and when one man said he didn't think she could be a successful journalist she dropped out of Yale. And this was after her grandparents spent time, money, and a huge amount of effort to get her there! But I digress, because...

Rory is also the best.

I wish I watched Gilmore Girls when I was younger. As a girl who grew up loving books, organization, and school supplies, seeing that character represented on TV would have been so empowering. Rory's dedication to her work and her unwillingness to compromise are two of her best qualities and watching her go through the same life stages as me has been an encouraging (if sometimes frustrating) experience.

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A Step By Step Of How Your Thanksgiving Will Actually Go

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