13 Reasons Why Basenjis Are the Best Dogs
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13 Reasons Why Basenjis Are the Best Dogs

Take It From Me

13 Reasons Why Basenjis Are the Best Dogs

These are some reasons why I think that my dog and other Basenjis like it are the best pets to have. My dog, Dakota, has been in our family for almost ten years and I would not trade him for the world!

1. They are extremely photogenic.

You will never ever stop wanting to take pictures and videos of any adorable Basenji!

2. They act like cats and LOVE cats.

If you love cats but want a dog they will not disappoint you. They lick themselves A LOT, lie down like a cat would, and squint their eyes when you pet near their face.

3. They are extremely fast runners.

Put a Basenji in a dog race and I guarantee you it will win!!

4. They were known to be the pharaohs' favorite dogs in ancient times.

Therefore, they're already used to being spoiled and being treated like royalty, so you won't have to spoil them to much.

5. They are hilarious and adorable in every aspect of the way they act.

For instance, they sit almost like how humans sit.

6. They are good at winning dog shows

Many of them have come in first place. (as shown on national television).

7. They are barkless

Even though they yodel but not all the time. (not as annoying!)

8. They come in many different colors.

brown, black, white, and red (you name it)

9. Some have a tendency to live past their life expectancy

10. Their breed is extremely rare

Originates from Central Africa

11. They are the best cuddlers in the world!

12. They give great foot, leg, hand, and face messages!

They lick until they get tired of you!

13. Take it for me! I love mine more than anything!

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