To My Partner in Crime,

You're the one who is not only by my side through every bad decision, but also cheering me along. I appreciate you more than you will ever know. Here are a few small but significant things you do for me without even realizing how much it really means to me.

1. For giving me all the best advice that I never actually take.

2. For knowing more about me than I know about me. Even the things I didn't know I would ever know, you already knew.

3. For always giving me the best Netflix suggestions.

4. For knowing what I want to gossip about before I even have to say anything.

5. For understanding what every one of my "looks" means and the secret unspoken language we have when we're around other people.

6. For hating all the people I hate even if your only reason for hating them is because I hate them.

7. For helping me construct every important text message I ever have to send.

8. For knowing how to avoid me getting hangry and dealing with me when I am.

9. For always taking care of me as much, if not more, than I take care of you.

10. For encouraging me to do something we both know we shouldn't be doing

11. For buying me coffee when I needed it most.

12. For taking my side even in any argument even if you know I'm wrong.

13. For having the same weird food cravings as me.

14. For being brutally honest when I need it the most.

15. For not saying "I told you so" when I make the mistake you knew I would make and warned me about.

16. For calling me when I can't handle being alone with my own thoughts.

17. For letting me live out of your closet, even though I have perfectly suitable clothes in my own.

18. For making me a part of your family.

19. For pumping me up with your killer playlists when I'm feeling down or just getting me more pumped when I already am.

20. For all the times when you're even weirder than me, which makes me feel a lot more normal.

21. For laughing both with me and at me, because sometimes I need it.

22. For screaming along to our favorite songs.

23. For returning my emotionless feelings toward life.

24. For not fighting over guys because we both know how not worth it they are.

25. For having the opposite "good side," making pictures together slightly easier.

26. For giving me stories to tell that only we laugh at.

27. For being straight forward when I need outfit help.

28. For editing my Instagram pics when I can't decide on a filter.

29. For letting me be DJ in the car because you always have to drive me places.

30. For being there for me through literally everything, I don't know what I would do (or where I would be abandoned) without you. Thank you.