While I was looking at colleges to apply for, the one thing that kept coming up was the religion of the university. At first, I just assumed you had to be Catholic to attend Duquesne University, but that's not the case. Duquesne actually welcomes all students no matter their religion or beliefs.

Although you do not have to follow Catholicism to attend, whether you like it or not, you will have some of their practices and ideas forced on you. Being Catholic myself, I do not mind the rules and practices, but others do.

The biggest issue most students have with the old school Catholic rules, is the ban on sleepovers with the opposite sex. For parents, it probably sounds like the best idea ever. However, I can honestly say I have never spoken with a student who loves the fact that the opposite sex cannot stay the night, and must be signed in and out by 2:00 AM.

Another thing many people assume before attending the university, is that you have to attend a weekly mass. Although you are invited to attend mass several times a week, you do not ever actually have to attend one. But, don't be surprised when there's a crucifix hanging in every room you ever walk in at school.

Strict guest policy rules are also enforced. You must sign in a guest (no matter their sex) with the front desk, and give them photo identification for both you and your guest. Students are also required to swipe in every time they enter their dorms themselves. Same sex guests are allowed to stay the night once they are signed in, but each students is limited to a certain number of overnight guests each semester.

Lastly, professors must follow the religious beliefs for their teaching. Although it may seem like they try to hide it, anything that conflicts with the Catholic religion is quickly turned down.

Other than these few points, Catholic universities are quiet similar to any other university. There is no curfew. You are pretty much allowed to do and go where ever you want. Of course, there are more religious paths you can choose to take at Duquesne University, but for the average student, there will hardly be a difference.