Realizing I Was Better Off

So as I sat watching a new Disney Channel movie while avoiding homework when the end of the movie rolled around and the moral of the story showed up. And it hit me real hard. I sat crying for a few minutes because the issue was something that I kind of related to. It wasn't a story about losing a loved one or a friend. Not some sappy movie at all. It was a movie that showed two best friends going their separate ways after they both learned that yes, the memories were great but they just weren't the "same" anymore.

I have been almost bitter for some time about something that happened so long ago, yet the thing still haunts me. I feel like an idiot sitting here at almost 21 and thinking of events that took place 10 years ago, but here I am.

The movie talks about the two girls and how they grew up together, how they did everything together. And then a new girl comes from nowhere and one friend leaves the other. Throughout the movie, she tries to win her friend back, but she comes to realize that she doesn't need her friend and that she's fine without her.

And that's the part I never figured out all those years ago. I spent so much time worrying and trying when I should have just come to the conclusion that some people come into our lives and while they are there things are great, they aren't meant to be there forever. I have learned that no, it didn't work out. I have turned out just fine and so have they.

You should be happy for that time that has passed and the memories, and move on but be friendly. It took me this long to realize it, but I'm glad I finally did. This isn't aimed to hurt or make those people feel bad, but just to help the people who are still in or just out of toxic relationships.

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