It Took Me 3 Years To Change My Mind About My College Major
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Student Life

It Only Took Me 3 Years Of College To Realize I Hate My Major

Senior Year? We don't know her.

It Only Took Me 3 Years Of College To Realize I Hate My Major

I finally made it to my senior year of college. The last stretch, the final round, less than a year before I finally join the working world and leave this school with lifelong memories. Nothing is more exciting to me than walking down that stage, and finally starting the next phase of my life.

I've been studying business. It's straightforward, powerful, and there is a certain confidence in stating your major as business administration. It's the safest bet for financial stability, as most like to say "You'll never be out of a job!" Thanks, Janet, that's very reassuring.

Except it only took me three days into an internship, to realize I hate mostly everything I've learned in these past years of college.

Wonderful! I'm so glad I realized this my senior year with only half a year until I grab my fancy diploma with those dreaded words, "Business Administration" on it. I'm so glad I spent all those hours crying through finance (and basically every boring business class) for this.

It was heartbreaking to finally get involved with a company, and learn about real life forecasting and point of sales and all those theoretical things professors lecture on and on about, only to realize it was just as boring in real life as in the lecture hall. It was terrifying to accept the fact that everything I've been striving for, wasn't actually what I wanted.

As discouraging as it was, I am thankful for my realization.

I'm thankful because if I hadn't figured it out now, I would have started my career and ended up in a position that would have made me miserable for years. I would have been longing for something that fulfilled me and frustrated at God for not intervening earlier.

Instead, I can move forward and explore different sides of my major. There is always more to a degree than what meets the eye, all that can still make me feel fulfilled will still providing for my family. Or I can always explore completely new careers because it's 100% okay to not always stay within a major.

So to those feeling lost in their career path, know that your happiness is more important than pleasing your parents, your mentors, and society. Never let your degree dictate your passions.

Of course, it would be nice to be passionate about the highest paying jobs and living comfortably while meeting everyone's high expectations. But don't sacrifice who you are and your passions in life solely for a juicy paycheck. I'm not saying to move back home and buy 50 dogs because you're passionate about dogs (although.. no judgment). But maybe use that passion to open a rescue or even just volunteer. Find a happy medium that fits your lifestyle and goals for your family, where you can still confidently say you enjoy life rather than slowly killing yourself at a 60 hour per week job that you despise.

Don't lose sight of who you want to be, and know that it's okay to feel lost. I'm a senior in college about to receive a business degree when I probably should have been a school teacher. But it's okay, because God is good, and He doesn't lead us places we aren't supposed to be. Maybe He'll use my business degree to open a new school, who knows, but the possibilities are endless when God is at work. So take that random diploma and let God run with it. He has a plan, and even if your path seems to change constantly, know that He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

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