When I was walking down a flight of stairs in an airport, I came to a realization. A realization of how someone is always going somewhere, whether they're coming from or going somewhere.

They could be going to a friend's wedding, to see family, or even attending a funeral. They could be running away from something/someone, or hoping to start a new life elsewhere. I think about these things in terms of respecting what another individual is going through. While you may be a high point in your life, another person could be at their lowest.

For example, while I'm at a party having a good time surrounded by friends and family, odds are that another person is fighting for their life in the hospital. Same goes for the statistic of how nearly two people die each second – but then again, there are four births every second. It's important to see how everyone around us is affected by this crazy rollercoaster called life.

Of course, sometimes we don't realize this thought until someone says something, or until a loved one is affected, right? We like to be positive and oblivious at times. It's comfortable, which is just fine.

But we have to acknowledge that this happens to everyone. Not just you, or your loved one, but also to complete and total strangers – who we sometimes forget have feelings, too.

Change is inevitable.

Just when you think you’re getting comfortable, transition occurs. Life is a rollercoaster of ups and downs, a ride of love, laughter, tears and anger. Whether you’re preparing for a new baby, about to make a career leap, taking care of your parents, or emerging from the ashes of depression, life is always prodding and pulling on us to grow (No matter how much we don't want to!).

There’s a learning curve to preparing for the sometimes sudden transitions in life, but expecting change will come is half of the battle. The worst thing we can do is get complacent and comfortable, because that usually means life is coming to shake things up.