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Does anyone else get dragged down the YouTube rabbit hole? I know I sure do. This past week was no exception. After re-igniting my love for @GayAtHomeDad (a.k.a. Frank Lowe, who is currently in the running for's most eligible bachelors. Vote HERE for Frank), and discovering his youtube channel, another channel caught my eye, called Michael & Luigi . The channel chronicles the lives of Michael and Luigi, who are an adorable married couple. It also includes appearances by their adopted son Logan who is the most adorable child.

I thought I'd give y'all a few reasons why you should follow Michael & Luigi's channel.

1. Michael & Luigi are totally into comic books and nerd culture!

I mean, it's not like I am biased in ANY way whatsoever, lol.

2. The two are often joined by their families (who are just as epic as the two men and Logan) for special events, such as Christmas, and Thanksgiving.

3. Their son, Logan.

I mean, if you watch their adoption story video and don't openly weep, all I can say is damn, son. You can really tell that these three were meant to be brought together as a family.

I guess one of the biggest enjoyment factors, if you will, of the videos produced by either Michael & Luigi, or by Frank Lowe would have to be the commitment they all have towards their children. So many gay men and women come under fire for wanting what many other heterosexual people want: a family. Whether this is due to cultural predisposition (which includes religious beliefs) or any other reason for that matter, many wrongly assume that they are unfit to be parents. These men, and women too, have taken to the internet, and they have, through their videos, shattered those preconceived ideas, at least to anyone with an open mind or heart. I applaud these courageous individuals, for being themselves, unabashedly.

So, I hope that after reading this, you run to the hills, and subscribe to the geniuses that are Frank Lowe and Michael & Luigi.

And to the haters out there...

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