Well, apparently it seems that history is repeating itself in case of Thailand, where modern day travelers and visitors from around the world continue to flock, becoming a part of a booming tourism industry and turning a few Thailand destinations into more of an expat resident society.

Hua Hin happens to be one such beachside resort town where many foreign nationals are making abode, choosing this picturesque town as their new home, particularly after retirement.

The diversity of Thailand is a thing to witness in person, rather than getting amused by reading about it. Its north boats of quaint mountains, whereas it south harbors the bustling capital, Bangkok, surrounded with magical coastlines and islands strewn along southern shores. Hua Hin serves as a crown jewel of south Thailand, securing a special place among visitors, retirees and expats.

Such diversity definitely calls for a wide range of people coming from various backgrounds, beliefs, religions and lifestyles. Traveling through and exploring such diversity can be one of the most joyous and soul awakening experiences of a person's life.

More about Hua Hin

Many foreigners and retirees from around the world looking for a serene, scenic and convenient living prefer to settle in a coastal town. With plenty of sandy beaches and crystal clear water accompanied with ample amenities of modern life, Hua Hin is fast becoming the top choice for many of those people.


The famous holiday resort town of Hua Hin occupies the coast of the Gulf of Thailand, some 200 kilometers south of the capital city of Bangkok. Not only has the town enjoyed the status of a famous holiday destination of local residents for decades, but the country's Royal family also makes home of it. In addition to expats and retirees, a significant portion of the community is constituted by Bangkok residents who have purchased homes here to make weekend getaways, eventually retiring to the tranquility and serenity of Hua Hin.


Located close to the Equator, climate in Hua Hin can remain pleasantly warm throughout the year. Temperatures often remain within the range of 25 °C – 30 °C. It's through the months of October to April that Hua Hin enjoys the most pleasant temperatures with humidity levels equaling some of the lowest in the country. As of rainfall during the 'rainy season', Hua Hin also seems lucky enough to receive frequent showers never known to disrupt daily golf sessions of the residents.


Local markets of the whole Thailand, let alone Hua Hin, are more than capable of serving almost anything to the shoppers. You can conveniently get fresh produce at really competitive prices as well.

For those preferring big brands over local markets, Hua Hin also features a Tesco-Lotus store. There's also this popular Hua Hin Market Village, an air conditioned shopping mall with many stores, brands and an entertainment complex.

Health Facilities

With the passage of time, Hua Hin has been equipped with ample health facilities, many local and international hospitals of reliable standards catering to the health requirements of the residents. However, even if some serious health issue bothers someone, Bangkok with its abundant health facilities is only a short trip away.


Many schools and universities have been established in and around Hua Hin, some even offering all-English lessons for all programs by native English speakers, except for Thai language, of course.

Food and Entertainment

Hua Hin being the top holiday destination of Thailand, you shouldn't be surprised to find some of the best dining establishments ready to serve locals and expats alike. And for an entertaining night out in the town, a host of bars, pubs and eateries populate the city center to serve the needs of the residents.

Talking of entertainment, one can never overlook the fabulous golf courses found quite abundantly in and around the town, some of them holding quite spectacular positions globally, such as Black Mountain Golf Club, The Lake View Resort and Golf Club and so forth.

Real Estate Investment Opportunities

A tropical paradise orchestrated with all of the amenities of modern life mentioned above is sure to draw attention to it. That's why the number of visitors as well as expats permanently settling in Hua Hin continues to increase, fueling the growth of Real Estate in Thailand, Hua Hin. This is one incentive too hard for retirees to overlook.

What It Costs to Live in Hua Hin?

With this much at offer, it is hard to believe that living in Hua Hin, spending retired life in peace and joy can cost so low.

Rentals in Hua Hin

Whether you search around locally, or even run through craigslist, you will be surprised to get a fully furnished studio apartment for as low as 12,000 baht in Hua Hin, equaling to almost $350 dollars per month.

However, these prices can vary as well, depending upon the time of the year you choose to stay there, a place with a view of the beach and whether you choose to rent out for a longer period of time or a shorter one. For example, the same studio apartment charging $12,000 baht in April (the cheapest time of the year in Hua Hin) can cost you about $25,000 in the peak tourist season. And if you are wondering, most of the places also offer free internet and TV.


Diversity of Hua Hin also calls in for a huge range of food you can get here and that too also quite cheaply, compared to most other similar holiday destinations around the region. One of the best ways to eat good and cheap in a new place is to follow the locals and one of the locals' favorite here is a place called Jek Piek Coffee Shop. You can get a tasty and healthy meal of two from a place like this here in about $12 - $15, though you might need to queue in for a long time, but it will be worth it in the end.


Warmth in the sun, cool in the breeze, soft sandy beaches with crystal clear waters, food and accommodation in reasonable price coupled with some great real estate investment opportunities – really sounds like a retirement paradise to me.

If you can come up with something even better, don't hesitate in letting us all know of that. Till then, it's nothing but all Hua Hin for retirement.