Retire in Hua Hin, Thailand – How Much Will It Cost?

Retire in Hua Hin, Thailand – How Much Will It Cost?

Historically, many renowned travelers are known for venturing in far off Asian lands to view and immerse themselves in the peace, serenity and aesthetic wonders at offer.


Well, apparently it seems that history is repeating itself in case of Thailand, where modern day travelers and visitors from around the world continue to flock, becoming a part of a booming tourism industry and turning a few Thailand destinations into more of an expat resident society.

Hua Hin happens to be one such beachside resort town where many foreign nationals are making abode, choosing this picturesque town as their new home, particularly after retirement.

The diversity of Thailand is a thing to witness in person, rather than getting amused by reading about it. Its north boats of quaint mountains, whereas it south harbors the bustling capital, Bangkok, surrounded with magical coastlines and islands strewn along southern shores. Hua Hin serves as a crown jewel of south Thailand, securing a special place among visitors, retirees and expats.

Such diversity definitely calls for a wide range of people coming from various backgrounds, beliefs, religions and lifestyles. Traveling through and exploring such diversity can be one of the most joyous and soul awakening experiences of a person's life.

More about Hua Hin

Many foreigners and retirees from around the world looking for a serene, scenic and convenient living prefer to settle in a coastal town. With plenty of sandy beaches and crystal clear water accompanied with ample amenities of modern life, Hua Hin is fast becoming the top choice for many of those people.


The famous holiday resort town of Hua Hin occupies the coast of the Gulf of Thailand, some 200 kilometers south of the capital city of Bangkok. Not only has the town enjoyed the status of a famous holiday destination of local residents for decades, but the country's Royal family also makes home of it. In addition to expats and retirees, a significant portion of the community is constituted by Bangkok residents who have purchased homes here to make weekend getaways, eventually retiring to the tranquility and serenity of Hua Hin.


Located close to the Equator, climate in Hua Hin can remain pleasantly warm throughout the year. Temperatures often remain within the range of 25 °C – 30 °C. It's through the months of October to April that Hua Hin enjoys the most pleasant temperatures with humidity levels equaling some of the lowest in the country. As of rainfall during the 'rainy season', Hua Hin also seems lucky enough to receive frequent showers never known to disrupt daily golf sessions of the residents.


Local markets of the whole Thailand, let alone Hua Hin, are more than capable of serving almost anything to the shoppers. You can conveniently get fresh produce at really competitive prices as well.

For those preferring big brands over local markets, Hua Hin also features a Tesco-Lotus store. There's also this popular Hua Hin Market Village, an air conditioned shopping mall with many stores, brands and an entertainment complex.

Health Facilities

With the passage of time, Hua Hin has been equipped with ample health facilities, many local and international hospitals of reliable standards catering to the health requirements of the residents. However, even if some serious health issue bothers someone, Bangkok with its abundant health facilities is only a short trip away.


Many schools and universities have been established in and around Hua Hin, some even offering all-English lessons for all programs by native English speakers, except for Thai language, of course.

Food and Entertainment

Hua Hin being the top holiday destination of Thailand, you shouldn't be surprised to find some of the best dining establishments ready to serve locals and expats alike. And for an entertaining night out in the town, a host of bars, pubs and eateries populate the city center to serve the needs of the residents.

Talking of entertainment, one can never overlook the fabulous golf courses found quite abundantly in and around the town, some of them holding quite spectacular positions globally, such as Black Mountain Golf Club, The Lake View Resort and Golf Club and so forth.

Real Estate Investment Opportunities

A tropical paradise orchestrated with all of the amenities of modern life mentioned above is sure to draw attention to it. That's why the number of visitors as well as expats permanently settling in Hua Hin continues to increase, fueling the growth of Real Estate in Thailand, Hua Hin. This is one incentive too hard for retirees to overlook.

What It Costs to Live in Hua Hin?

With this much at offer, it is hard to believe that living in Hua Hin, spending retired life in peace and joy can cost so low.

Rentals in Hua Hin

Whether you search around locally, or even run through craigslist, you will be surprised to get a fully furnished studio apartment for as low as 12,000 baht in Hua Hin, equaling to almost $350 dollars per month.

However, these prices can vary as well, depending upon the time of the year you choose to stay there, a place with a view of the beach and whether you choose to rent out for a longer period of time or a shorter one. For example, the same studio apartment charging $12,000 baht in April (the cheapest time of the year in Hua Hin) can cost you about $25,000 in the peak tourist season. And if you are wondering, most of the places also offer free internet and TV.


Diversity of Hua Hin also calls in for a huge range of food you can get here and that too also quite cheaply, compared to most other similar holiday destinations around the region. One of the best ways to eat good and cheap in a new place is to follow the locals and one of the locals' favorite here is a place called Jek Piek Coffee Shop. You can get a tasty and healthy meal of two from a place like this here in about $12 - $15, though you might need to queue in for a long time, but it will be worth it in the end.


Warmth in the sun, cool in the breeze, soft sandy beaches with crystal clear waters, food and accommodation in reasonable price coupled with some great real estate investment opportunities – really sounds like a retirement paradise to me.

If you can come up with something even better, don't hesitate in letting us all know of that. Till then, it's nothing but all Hua Hin for retirement.

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My Best Original Screenplay Oscar Predictions Based Solely On The Writing, As It Should Be

Let's focus on the writing, not the politics.


The Oscars are almost here, so it's time to make predictions.

Except, if you're like me, you probably haven't seen all the nominated movies. This year, I realized I had not seen any of the films up for Best Original Screenplay. This was a bit of a failure moment for me as a hopeful future screenwriter, but I took the opportunity to do something everyone always says to do when you're learning—read scripts.

I decided to read these scripts and make my predictions based solely on the writing, as it should be. I read each script, then watched the trailer and read a few articles about the movies to answer any questions.

And here's what I decided.

"The Favourite"

I'd heard great things about this movie before reading it, so I was excited to study this screenplay. It was well written, I will be honest, so bravo to Deborah Davis and Tony McNamara. But, it still left some to be desired. It definitely has its good qualities and is justified in its being a, well, fan favorite.

Except, the script relied heavily on subtext for commentary. Any narrative, no matter what time period it takes place in, will be held against the current societal environment regardless of intentions. However, it was clear that this film's intentions were to place a female voice in history and in current outlets. Which, of course, is not a bad thing. However, this film does so with disregard for true equality. The female focus is at the men's expense, which is not true equality (but that's an argument for another time).

I actually found the story predictable. The story tried to build suspense around the war, but even that seemed like a second priority to the writers after the love triangle. The script didn't explicitly tell the reader "how to feel," but it was strongly implied by the end.

"First Reformed"

This was a solid film written by Paul Schrader. Each scene really does move the plot forward which is story 101 but still important to note sometimes. Even the scenes that seemed like they would be time fillers allowed for the voice-over narration of Toller's journal.

This voice over was a nice touch of characterization and introduced well in the first scenes. This introduction was so well written, I could see exactly how it would play out, which is textbook screenwriting. The dialogue was believable. The setting description was a good balance and told part of the story too.

But there was that ambiguous, "La La Land"-dream-sequence-ish ending though.

"Green Book"

Okay, this one. This film is important and was skillfully written, so definitely a bravo to Peter Farrelly, Brian Currie, and Nick Vallelonga.

This film spoke to racial equality in the sense of true equality—meeting on the same level. It took place in one of America's shameful times and followed a white man realizing how things really are for those different from him and learning how to use his privilege in a way that helps and not harms. Like Dr. Shirley said, "You never win with violence." And as far as movies nominated in this category based on true stories, this did the best at maintaining the integrity of the original.

The writing was phenomenal. There was a personality in the action. The characterization was shown, not told. This was done through the actions, letters, reactions, how the characters treat others and how other characters treat the main characters. There was evident development in growth in the two main characters Lip and Dr. Shirley. It ended nicely, and the scenes were paced well.


This story would be better as a novel, in my opinion. The descriptions were beautifully written, so much so that every time there was dialogue or a scene change, I was roughly drawn out of the story. For a script, the action was almost too artsy and I could tell that it would be better visually than in writing. There were a few inconsistencies, like how Pepe calls Cleo "mom" in the beginning when Señora Sofia is actually his mom. Of course, this was probably meant to be just a kid crying for his mom when he was tired, but it leads to some confusion going forward when introducing characters.

This film was artfully written by Alfonso Cuarón. Most of the time, there was a good balance between detailed and vague descriptions (except that one part that described the color of the sky even though this is a black and white movie). I was struck by the impactful use of sound descriptions woven into the script, such as the car horn or the plane flying overhead. This was something that was present in the other scripts but didn't make as much of an impact, in my opinion, as it did in "Roma"


Oh goodness, where to begin? Adam McKay begins this script with an indignant tone in the superimposed text saying they "did their f***ing best" to tell a true story. But did they? No. If this Best Original Screenplay award is based on the writing, then "Vice" is shockingly nominated. If it's based on political people-pleasing, then I guess the nomination makes sense. The film is riddled with a bias to the left. It assumes the viewers agree with the flat narrative of the film and that we all see the characters as the one-dimensional people they movie portrays. The film even addressed this bias at the end, but the way they did didn't level the playing field at all, but just pandered to that bias, trying to pick a fight. Well, they shouldn't be dignified with a response, in my opinion.

But I digress. The writing. That's what we're here for.

Unfortunately, even the writing was objectively bad compared to the other scripts. And I don't say that lightly. It read like a school project that was completed the night before it was due. There were typos everywhere (notably, "due" was spelled "do"). The story and scenes seemed willy-nilly thrown together with the only goal of pushing an opinion. The framework and organization were centered around how best to convince the viewer of McKay's views, not tell the story. It's a very serious subject that's covered here and could've been handled better instead of this script that reads like a comedy with political propaganda tendencies.

And now, my predictions for best original screenplay go to...

I'll break this down into categories.

My favorite: "Green Book."

What should win: "Green Book."

What will probably win: "The Favourite."

They all have a chance, but if "Vice" wins, then what are we all here for? The writing, or politics?

The other films all had their stance in politics without taking away from the story being told. "The Favourite" was female-driven with LGBT aspects and classist themes while telling the story of Queen Anne and her ladies. "First Reformed" critiqued megachurch culture, environmental activism, and big business while telling Toller's story of grief. "Green Book" also had some classist themes and attacked racist tendencies in a way that can educate and change minds by telling a historical story. "Roma" was the story of a family set in cultural and political context. But "Vice" was just about politics and not the story.

Let's focus on the stories. Let's focus on the writing.

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10 Reasons To Consider Windshield Replacement Over Windshield Repair

No action movie seems thrilling enough without earth shattering explosions, deformed metals or wrecked glasses, and car crashes; they seem to be thestaple in Hollywood these days.


"The Terminator", "The Matrix reloaded"," Final Destination" or "Armed and Dangerous" with famous soundtrack "Born to be wild"; all seem entertaining but, only on the screen. In real life we all wish to have a vehicle that may not be a vintage gem but definitely impervious to any harm, just like in the movie "The Car". Alas! That just is nothing more than a fantasy with a distant possibility.

Glass seems ubiquitous in today's world, be it huge skyscrapers, home windows or a car windshield and bound to damage for numerous reasons. Knock the wood for the negative, if the calamity strikes your car windshields, the first thing that comes to mind is whether to go for an auto glass replacement or a repair. We present to you ten genuine reasons to consider windshield replacement over windshield repair.

  1. Safety During Long Distance Travels:

If you travel often, you must be aware that roads might be bumpy, have sharp turns and weather conditions can also affect your car's status, especially if the windshield is cracked. Speed and other factors may cause even the smallest of the cracks to spread. A repaired windshield does not have the same integrity as a new one. The last thing that one can expect is a shattered windshield in middle of the road causing serious hazard that can be life-threatening at times. It is worth replacing the windshield in case of a long distance travel.

  1. Maintain Structural Reliability of Car:

The structural reliability of a car may get compromised due to the damaged windshields which are susceptible to further degeneration due to stress caused by extreme cold/hot weather. It is recommended to get the windshield replaced instead of repaired if there are stresses in the windscreen and the atmosphere experiences sudden changes in temperatures. This may save you from the significant cost of mending a falling roof of your car!

  1. Protection against Glares while Driving:

If there is a crack on the windshield, the refracting effect causes glares while driving on a sunny day or during nights. With a small crack as a starting point, it might further shatter causing interlocking of smaller pieces with neighboring pieces that won't fall voluntarily but block/ hinder vision of the road ahead. In this case replacing damaged windshield is a definite savior rather than temporary repairs.

  1. Prevent Accidental Mishaps Due to Smashed Windshields:

Broken windshield may cause the glass to the shatter and roof to fall while driving on a highway. This is not only dangerous to the person in the driving seat and fellow passengers, but also hazardous to numerous vehicles on the same route. You can prevent such highway mishaps and accidents just by making a wise decision to replace the damaged windshield instead of repairing.

  1. Larger Splinters Can Not be Repaired and Need Replacement:

Excluding a few exceptions,splinters more than 6 inches and flakes larger than 3/8 inches mostly cannot be refurbished. Such splinters and flakes demand immediate windshield replacement to ensure safety of the occupant.

  1. Holds the Sunroof in A Sturdy Manner:

Car's windshield is the only part that holds the sunroof of the car and gives stability to it. Even a slight harm to the windshield glass may cause the roof to become fragile and pose a threat of sunroof breakage. Replacement of the splintered windshield before starting the journey is the only way to ensure a robust roof over your head. A robust windshield supports the roof and maintains 50-60% structural integrity of the car depending on its quality and model in case of rollover accidents.

  1. Settled Dirt and Dust May Cause Auto Glass Repair to Fail:

Even if the chip or crack is of a small/manageable size, dirt and dust is difficult to remove if accumulated. It might affect the curing of adhesive done as part of repairs and cause the repair work to fail. So, if due to any reason, you could not block the dirt and dust from gathering on the chipped area, the best alternative would be the auto glass replacement.

  1. A Broken Windshield Can Cost You a Ticket:

Besides aesthetic issues, it is illegal to drive a car with a broken or a chipped windshield. It implies driving in a dangerous condition causing an impaired full view of the road ahead. Residents of Florida, Kentucky, and South Carolina do have deductibles waived off for windshield replacements; however, one needs to assure that the crack is not in a vital area like the windshield wiper, stone/shot damage not more than ½ inches and frame still provides adequate protection when driving on highway. The rest remains up to you on what to choose, what's better between replacement or a ticket with a motoring offence!

  1. Repair May Prove Costly Over Time:

A stitch in time saves nine; however when it comes to fractures on the edges of windshields it is better to get a new one rather than mending damage for the time being. The minor cracks may be eligible for actual replacement; but if you go the repair route, the glass may still fail pretty soon costing you for both the repair and the replacement.

  1. Protects against Theft and Vandalism:

Damaged windshields are vulnerable as they can prove to be a window of opportunity for burglars to vandalize and compromise the security of your car. Smart thieves can use specialized equipment to further aggravate the cracked glass and take away your valuables while your vehicle is parked or you are on a driving break during a long journey.

When it comes to travelling safety and peace of mind are of utmost importance. Each and everyone's responsible mindset towards road safety and the motoring regulation is the key to gain it. A windshield replacement for an out of order/ detrimental glass panel can prove significant when it comes to a matter of life!

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