25 Cliché College Guys You Meet During​ ​Your Freshman Year
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25 Cliché College Guys You Meet During​ ​Your Freshman Year

You probably met number nine this week.

25 Cliché College Guys You Meet During​ 
​Your Freshman Year

Men are interesting creatures. As a freshman in college, you'll meet guys from all walks of life. They'll all have something unique to offer.

When you look back a year later, you'll come to realize how truly remarkable (or just plain awful) some of them really are. Every guy you meet will stand out in his own way — some will be cultured, intelligent gentlemen who will treat you like a princess, and others… well, they're not super great.

Here are the 25 cliché college guys you're likely to meet.

1. The very down-to-earth, platonic guy best friend


He holds a special place in your heart and always has.

He's extremely smart, respectful, well mannered and reliable. You trust him with your life. You have deep conversations from time to time and understand each other very well.

He'll always be there and have your back without expecting anything in return.

2. ​The one who thinks you guys are best buds after literally having one conversation


You barely know anything about this guy, and you're about to have dinner with him, at his apartment? Thanks, but no thanks.

He still thinks he's your best friend though.

3. The handsome prince charming who falls in love with you

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Every girl wants to be with him, and every guy wants to be him. He's the whole package: tall, good-looking, athletic, smart and popular.

You guys may look great together, but do you actually have anything in common?

4. The handsome jock who always tries to get with you even though he’s taken


He'll make you feel uncomfortable from the get-go. He'll flirt and try to get your number more than once. But there is something strangely off about him — and what do you know — he's got a girlfriend.

What a douche, am I right?

5. The really sweet guy who doesn’t mind being friendzoned


He's a great listener and gives solid advice. He also enjoys teasing you about the little things. He knows you'll never be an item, but he's OK with that. He's also brutally honest with you about stuff. #nofilter

6. The one who writes a song about you


You couldn't have seen it coming. You'll be flattered and surprised at the same time. You'll also probably be very curious to know what the lyrics are...

7. The one who tolerates being friendzoned in the hopes that you guys will be an item one day


He's the smart, sophisticated, I've-got-my-shit-together guy who always wants to help you and fix all your problems. It's obvious he's into you because of the extravagant compliments and his attempts to ask you out on dates. But you just don't see him in that way.

8. The senior who wants to be with you even though he knows you’re not into him


He's a bit older and peculiar. You never really understand what he's saying, but it's OK because he doesn't actually say much. You literally have no idea how or why you became friends with him.

9. The great listener who isn’t actually a great listener


You think he's a great listener because he's quiet and prompts you to open up and vent. Truth be told, he has probably spent more time examining your cleavage than anything else.

10. The quiet, mysterious jock who happens to be your best friend


To the outside world, he's this unattainable, attractive, mysterious hunk. You know every guy has a soft side, and you've already uncovered his. He may go astray sometimes, but he has you to set him straight and guide him.

11. The one who secretly wants to be your sugar daddy


He smiles 24/7, and you thought it was cute at first. He'll call to check up on you for no reason. He secretly forces his way into your life, and you don't notice it until it's too late.

He doesn't even call you by your name — it's always darling, sweetheart, my love and so on.

12. The super helpful one who has a hidden agenda


He will seem like a nice guy at first: wise, open minded and supportive. Without a doubt, he'll give you the best advice you could ever ask for. You may trust him easily, but be careful. These guys tend to manipulate you in more ways than one.

13. The hottie who happens to be your bestie


The first time you saw him, you thought, "What's an underwear model for Calvin Klein doing here?"

You connect instantly and develop a tight, unbreakable bond. He's independent and unbelievably authentic. Even though you admire his appearance, you've always seen him in a platonic way.

14. The one who knows you’re off limits but tries his luck anyways


You consider him one of your main dudes. Wherever and whenever you need him, he'll be there. He's also your partner in crime.

Overall, you have a strong platonic relationship. But every now and then, he'll try to casually bend the rules, take advantage of your confidence in him and, ultimately, leave the friend zone.

15. The one who just wants to show you off as arm candy


It made sense to you when you put the pieces together: He avoided deep conversations, he took you to crowded places, and he always paid extra attention to what you were wearing and how it looked.

16. The one who is virtually obsessed with you


He is literally something else. His creepiness resembles that of a deranged stalker. He has been everything from your classmate to your confidant to your worst enemy. In his eyes, you two are meant for each other.

Every time you try to avoid him, he trolls you with a million annoying messages: "Why are you doing this to me?," "I can't give up on you," "I will always love you," "Don't you trust me?," "Can I call you baby?" ...and the list goes on.

Run… run as fast as you can.

17. The senior you just met who wants to know every single detail of your life


He's calm, composed and polite — but he's way too inquisitive about your life. He'll make any hangout feel like an interrogation session at the FBI headquarters.

Disclaimer: This friendship doesn't last very long.

18. The perfect guy who (sadly) isn’t perfect for you


He's the perfect gentleman: attractive, respectful, a leader, emotionally available, smart and trustworthy. He has great likability about him. He's probably the president of a large student organization, where he was overwhelmingly nominated by his peers.

He's definitely one of the most chivalrous guys you'll meet on campus. You love his personality, but you're just not attracted to him. You would recommend him to any one of your girlfriends though.

19. The over-friendly guy whose name always escapes you


There's always that one guy who pops up out of nowhere every now and then to say, "Hey there, how you doin'?" He doesn't stay long enough for a decent conversation, but he shows up enough to remain relevant.

You hate that you can never remember his name… it just never sinks in.

20. The reliable friend who’s always there for you when you need him

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He's cuddly and super comforting. He's the true definition of a friend. He's the person to go to when you a need a hug or a shoulder to cry on.

You grow really close in a short period of time. Truth be told, you don't even need to be doing anything special to enjoy your time with him — you could just be sitting idle and still end up having an awesome conversation.

He's a great guy and definitely someone you can count on for anything.

21. The pervert who always knows how to make you feel super uncomfortable


He lies, cheats and manipulates anyone who is dumb enough to trust him. He tries to get inside your head before manipulating you for his own personal gain.

He tries to ramp up his image by quoting famous philosophers and talking politics, but it's all for show. In his mind, all women are objectified. It's disgusting, and it's… wrong. He has no respect for women whatsoever.

22. The one who tries to woo you through social media before meeting in person


He finds you on Facebook and sends you a lengthy message, quoting a mutual friend so you're more likely to respond. You can tell he's trying to play it cool and trying not to scare you off.

When you befriend him and tell him you can never be more than friends, it dents his whole "cool guy" image he was unconsciously building up through social media.

My advice to this guy is to have more confidence and courage. I mean he can't hide behind the internet forever, am I right?

23. The platonic friend who randomly confides his ‘womanizer’ issues in you


Women chase after men just as much as men chase after women. How do you know this? Through this friend of yours.

He's a sharp dresser and quite attractive. He also trusts you a lot, enough to disclose his personal issues to you. He hates three things: 1. being a lady magnet (surprise surprise) 2. playing the field and 3. not being able to commit long term.

He vents his emotions and asks for your advice. You don't actually mind hearing about it. Seeing him become vulnerable shows you a whole new side of him.

24. The one you need to let go of before he gets too attached


You two have great chemistry, but you met him at an inconvenient time — which ends up complicating things.

You meet up a couple of times and realize you actually have a ton in common. You never feel weird or uncomfortable around him. You know he has feelings for you, and it haunts you that you don't feel the same way.

He'll eventually accept the fate of your friendship and move on. You could still be friends, but not as close as you were before.

25. The popular jock who you love being around, platonically


He exudes confidence and positive vibes everywhere he goes. You'll always want him around to make you laugh and forget about all the stress that comes from being a freshman.

You connect in the best platonic way possible. You love spending time with him because he's always so real and charismatic. He always says what's on his mind.

Also, he always goes above and beyond for his friends, which you admire about him.

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