It's the beginning of the second semester and you're already overwhelmed with work! All we can think about is that well deserved 3-month break we get starting in May in just 4 short months; it can't come soon enough.

1. Your new professor gives you homework the first class and you already feel yourself procrastinating

Come on, isn't this supposed to be syllabus week?

2. You step outside and it's 30 degrees out. You feel like a penguin when you walk to class

Come on New England! Do you have to be cold ALL the time?

3. It's your first week back at college and you already miss all of your friends and family at home

3 calls to your mom, 2 to your dad, and even one to your brother. It's about that time of the year.

4. You only have two classes, yet it seems all too hard to sit through even one.

Is it over yet? How bout now? No? This is going to be a long day.

5. You love the pizza at the dining hall but you want real food.

I love you pizza but I want Mom's pasta.