'Ready Player One' Is The Greatest Book Turned Movie I've Ever Seen
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'Ready Player One' Is The Greatest Book Turned Movie I've Ever Seen

The movie for the 2011 novel is out and the now-famous plotline is gaining attention by the second. If you haven't seen it, get your tickets now...it's definitely not boring.

'Ready Player One' Is The Greatest Book Turned Movie I've Ever Seen
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As soon as I'd read "Ready Player One," one of my friends mentioned that there was a movie coming out for it, and I was instantly set on watching it the weekend it came out on. I knew that this was a really detailed and intricate story which would be hard to confine to just two hours of screen time, so I was anxious to find out if Steven Spielberg could actually do the seemingly impossible or if this would be another Percy Jackson movie incident.

Warning: spoilers ahead!

For starters, the tasks for finding the copper, jade and crystal keys were different in the movie than in the book, a change which I found less popular. I had liked the way the keys had to be obtained in the book through individually solved riddles, and I was a little confused when there was a race to get the copper key instead of finding and beating a secret video game. A race just seemed a little elementary.

The backstory of Artemis, however, was something that I loved because she turned out to be the head of a secret rebel organization in the movie, adding more tension and purpose to what Parzival and Artemis were trying to do (save the OASIS).

I also noticed some changes in the pop culture references from the book to the movie, especially a cut in the number of 80s references there were. This gave me the impression that the book was mainly about 80s nostalgia while the movie focused on bigger tasks such as physically saving the OASIS rather than learning as much as you could about the 80s.

I definitely felt the change was appropriate, because it helped many other people in this time period understand what was going on. The only past references I caught were some of the more popular ones that can still be recognized today.

There are many changes like this from book to movie, some of them being wise and others that may have helped the plot in the movie if they were incorporated. Since I'd read the book beforehand, I wasn't confused when I went to watch the movie on the big screen, but I could see how someone who hadn't read the book could get lost in the complex plotline.

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When I walked into the theater on the Saturday after the movie was released, I didn't know what to expect. Of course, I'd watched all the trailers and clips I could find and had read the book months ago, and I knew I should expect huge differences between the book and the movie. I also assumed that I should keep by expectations pretty low because in my opinion, movies are usually worse than the books (Percy Jackson being a fine example). "Ready Player One" in book form had so much description and so many moving parts that I had no idea how one could possibly fit all of that in a movie and still make it a good one.

At the end, I'd definitely been proven wrong.

Yes, Steven Spielberg had deviated from the plot in the book, but he'd managed to create something spectacular in the process. There was definitely more of an emotional connection between characters in the movie because Aech, Daito, Shoto and Parzival were all friends before the plot started, with Artemis already sort of knowing Parzival and being added to the team. They'd known each other longer and worked together in person to take down Nolan Sorrento and the other sixers.

I admired this increased interaction because it helped the plot in ways that wouldn't have worked if the characters had to be introduced one by one, such as the mutual understanding between everyone on the team.

I also had the privilege of watching this movie in 3D, and that made the effects so much better and realistic, especially since this was a virtual reality/video game centered movie. The graphics were the best I've ever seen and the look of the characters made the OASIS look high tech but still seem real, like you were actually living in this world instead of controlling an avatar in it. It was the perfect blend between a video game and real life, and I suspect that's exactly how Steven Spielberg wanted to portray the OASIS.

"Ready Player One" is, by far, the best book turned movie I've ever seen.

I didn't think it was possible that a movie could be made better than the book because of all the conflicting opinions between the directors and authors on how everything should look, friendships and relationships and the overall personality of the characters. The "Ready Player One" movie, for the most part, either portrayed the characters and the setting the right way or enhanced the plot so much that it had to be counted better and more thought-out than the book it came from.

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