As a humanities student, I read. A LOT. It can be hard to want to read more after doing nothing but reading (and talking about the reading, then being tested on the reading, etc), but listen. Reading is something relativity easy that you can do every day to improve yourself.

The point of a book is to get something out of it. Each book you will ever read (yes..even your textbooks) has a message, or information, or some sense of morality that the author wants you to be impacted by.

Plus, reading literature is so different than reading textbooks. I promise these books are actually fun to read.

The more you read, the more you'll feel a drive to create your own story. So write! Buy a journal, get some writing prompts if you need them, or just write what you're feeling! No one ever has to see it, or everyone can see it. It's your writing, and it's up to you.

Reading and writing affect your worldview. You read about other lives, real or fictional, and you'll be able to write your own. Your worldview will change. You'll grow as a person. It's pretty incredible, honestly.