A JoBros Super Fan's Reactions To Happiness Begins

June 7th, 2019. A day most Jonas Brothers fans never thought they would ever see coming. Nick, Kevin, and Joe dropped their first album in a decade, several months after announcing their epic reunion and comeback.

I've been a Jonas Brothers fan since I was six years old, so approximately 13 years. I love them more than anything. It was only fitting that the hype of this new album would lead me to stay up and being a part of the large group of fans to hear the album for the first time. I also thought it would be really fun to write down what I was thinking while I listened, so here are my thoughts. It may not make sense, but hopefully, my excitement and love for them is really clear.

1. "Sucker"

Jonas Brothers

It's about time!! I'm about to have a whole experience!

Yes, this song is a bop.

I'll never get tired of this song.

I'm really a sucker for the Jonas Brothers omg. (Ha, get it? Sucker? HA I amuse myself way too much.)

I might cry omg.

I'm so excited.

2. "Cool"

Jonas Brothers

Wait. I just noticed the red dress lyric. Is that a Jonas Brothers motif?

I honestly love this song.

Game of Thrones. Ha I just got that lyric, wow.

All I can think of is that Nick meme now.

Gotta love a good Kevin guitar solo!

3. "Only Human"


First new song! Yay!

Okay. I'm only 15 seconds in, but already digging this.

"Happiness Begins!"

I love the beat of this.

Did I correctly hear that lyric about being drunk?

I love this sound for them.

Possible new single?

4. "I Believe"


I think I hear a little bit of '80s influence in this song.

Is this about Nick and Priyanka?

"You showed me something I can't live without" aww

This song is really cute.

These alterations at the end!!

Yes!! That high note!!

5. "Used to Be"

Harper's BAZAAR

Okay, harmonies!

"Used to be the one that I loved" Ugh my heart!

This song is actually really sad.

I still can't believe I'm listening to this album omg.

6. "Every Single Time"

Beats 1

I like the rhythm of this one.

"Every single time, I keep on coming back to you." Oof.

Okay, I love their new sound.

This bridge is interesting.

This song is actually kind of catchy.

7. "Don't Throw It Away"

Amazon Prime Video

The percussion is fun.

Oooo I really like this one.

I love that pretty much all of these songs are pretty upbeat.

This could be a good single.

Halfway through the album! So far, so good!

8. "Love Her"

Amazon Prime Video

There are lots of snaps on this album.

Yes, she is always right! Correct!

This song is so cute.

I like that this is slower, but still not a total slow ballad.

"Seeing a smile can get you every time." aww

I think this one is my favorite one so far.

9. "Happy When I'm Sad"

Jonas Brothers

I like how this is about making people think you're okay when you're not. False perceptions.

This is surprisingly upbeat. Sticking with the theme.

I'm not super crazy about this one. It's not skip worthy though.

10. "Trust"

Amazon Prime Video

Okay! High notes!

This is interesting for them.

Who is singing these high notes? I think it is Nick, but I'm not certain.

This is definitely single worthy.

I just can't get over this album.

This is catchy.

11. "Strangers"

Amazon Prime Video

The chorus is nice.

I also like the harmonies in this one, too.

I don't have a lot to say. I really like this though.

12. "Hesitate"


"Kiss the tears off your face" ????? Oh be still my romantic heart!

This is literally the cutest song ever.

This is definitely my favorite song so far.

"Time only heals if you work through it now." I'm crying.

Can my future partner please sing this to me someday?

Wait. Is that a Kevin solo??? I think it is!!

This lowkey reminds me of a Shawn Mendes song.

13.  "Rollercoaster"

Amazon Prime Video

Rollercoaster. Is this another Jonas Brothers motif?

Happiness begins. This theme is so present throughout the album.

I'm pretty sure this was one of the songs in the documentary.

I like this one.

More snaps. Yes. The former a capella kid in me loves this.

This sounds a lot like modern pop, but also very reminiscent of previous JoBro songs.

14. "Comeback"

VOA News

Aww last one.

Comeback. Get it? Because this is their comeback album? But this operates on multiple levels too. I like it.

I think I heard this in the documentary as well.

This is really cute.

This also sounds a lot like previous Jonas Brothers songs too.

I really love this.

This was definitely worth the 10 year wait.

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