The Pros And Cons Of Rolling A Random College Roommate

There is nothing worse than a bad, or even mediocre, roommate.

I've known people that have had them, or had them myself, on every end of the spectrum. Finding a new place to live is already stressful enough, so our biggest hope is that the people we start the new chapter with will make it as easy and stress-free as possible.

College roommates are one of the inevitabilities we all experience.

You can play it safe and room with someone you know and will hopefully be comfortable with, or gamble and go completely random. Random is interesting because there's a strong possibility you'll get a new best friend out of it. But if not, then they are probably your worst enemy. The in-between is in a position too weird to have any impact at all and that roommate will just be someone that is never thought of again.

I have had that roommate who lacks communication and is loud and only cordial to avoid confrontation. They did things that they shouldn't have and made things more difficult than they needed to be. It's such a rough way to live, especially when you know there are people who have made great friends out of their roommates. I've been so jealous of great living situations.

I didn't want to be in a space I helped create and make my own. In a way, it was great because by branching out, I made other friends and it forced me to become more independent. I met some of the coolest people by stepping out of my comfort zone.

Making friends took more effort, but the ones I made were worth it. I still wanted to have good live-in friends, but my mindset was always positive enough to make it work.

All great things take time, and I finally have the best set of roommates.

They're generous and welcoming and friendly. It was unplanned, but we compliment one another well and I couldn't be happier or feel any luckier. It makes me want to soak up time with them that much more. Connections can be made so easily.

It has made another big transition that much easier to handle.

I was starting a new year at college, a new apartment, and a new schedule, and that is already stressful enough on its own. It's incredible to have people around me who are different individuals with separate lives, but that are still willing to get to know me and spend quality time as a unit. We help with our transitions with different experiences and backgrounds.

The support and friendships that can be found with quality roommates could not be a better feeling. They are people you end up spending a lot of time with, regardless of how bad you want to, so nothing beats them being good company.

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