The best and most artistic band in the world, ever, Radiohead, rewarded genius-level music connoisseurs again, this week.

A poor, culturally affluent college student -- who only listens to alternative jazz -- has discovered a secret arrangement of pre-existing Radiohead songs forming a five-stanza super haiku. Music critics are stunned. The band's singer, Thom Yorke, has been gracious in his response, "We're so glad to see fans take the final step in over-analyzing our work."

His meticulous application of both five and seven-syllable phrasing in the band's nine-album discography of song titles is just the next step in a career of music pioneering for the innovators from Oxford, England.

"Climbing up the Walls"

"Everything In Its Right Place"

"Little by Little"

"Life in a Glasshouse"

"Bullet Proof … I Wish I Was"

"Fitter Happier"

"Street Spirit (Fade Out)"

"Exit Music (For a Film)"

"Anyone Can Play Guitar"

"Meeting in the Aisles"

"A Punch Up At a Wedding"

"4 Minute Warning"

"Down is the New Up"

"Where I End and You Begin"

"Up on the Ladder"