Oh, the joy of the holidays! Cooler weather, peppermint drinks, pretty lights, and just that sense of magic in the air. Personally, I love the holiday season more than any other person I know. Plus, coming home and spending time with your family is always an amazing time. However, coming home for the holidays can seem like more of an interrogation session than just some holly-jolly time with your loved ones. With that, these are the five questions that college students hate the most when they return home for the holidays.

1. "Are you dating anyone?"

No. The answer is always no. Either I'm truly single or I'm just leading you to believe that I am. Besides, do you really want to explain to your grandma what Tinder is? I don't think so.

2. "Hey, Mom, did you see this picture..."

That sibling/ cousin that always tries to throw you under the bus. What happens in college stays in college until your devious relative wants to bring up that Snap of you shotgunning Pabst at a tailgate.

3. "How well are your grades?"

Way to give me flashbacks of sleepless, caffeinated nights of studying and mental breakdowns. But yes, my grades are fine (as far as you know.)

4. "Are you looking for any jobs/ internships?"

Thanks for reminding of the millions of stuff I have to do. I almost had a feeling of calm.

5. "What's your major again?"

Usually followed by, "So what exactly are you going to do with that?" Also, "You're not going to make any money with that degree." I'm a Mass Communications major with a focus in Broadcasting News. Translation: I want to be a TV reporter. And yes, I know I will be poor.