15 Questions No College Kid Wants To Answer This Thanksgiving

15 Questions No College Kid Wants To Answer This Thanksgiving

Yes, I know Cousin Susie went to Yale and is curing cancer. But I got a C- on my calc test so I'm doing just fine.

Ah, the holidays — the one time a year when your whole family gets together to participate in forced family fun. We can always count on Thanksgiving Break to kick off the season of unwanted questions. As college students, we are away nine months out of the year. The Thanksgiving holiday gives our relatives an opportunity to ask all of the annoying questions they have collected since we’ve been gone. The worst part about the matter is that it seems like every family member asks the same repetitive questions.

Here are the top 15 questions that college kids are dreading this holiday season.

1. How is school going?

Well, I am a poor college kid drowning in papers. But, for the sake of the conversation, I am going to say everything’s going great.

2. Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend?

Salt in the wound, Aunt Karen, salt in the wound.

3. Actually, any question relating to your love life.

As if a simple yes or no answer wasn’t enough, family members beg for more information on this topic. Do people actually think you know the reason as to why you are not dating anyone?

4. What have you been up to lately?

You never truly realize how boring your life is until someone asks you this question. About nine times out of 10, your answer will be “nothing.”

5. What is your major?

No matter how many times you have responded to this question, nobody ever seems to remember the answer. Either they don’t care enough to listen or they cannot think of any other small talk topics.

6. What are you going to do with that?

Well, my ultimate goal is to find a way to make as much money as possible so that I never have to work again. Until then, I am just going to wing it.

7. What are your plans for after graduation?

Sorry, but my planner ends in December. Looks like I will have to get back to you on that one.

8. What are you doing this summer? Did you get an internship?

Um, I am still looking into that.

9. Have you heard what *insert wildly successful cousin’s name* is doing?

Yes, I know Cousin Susie went to Yale and is currently working to cure cancer. But I got a C- on my calculus test so I guess you could say I am doing just fine.

10. How are your grades this semester?

D’s get degrees, right?

11. What is the party scene like at school? Are you staying out of trouble?

Yeah, it is pretty low-key (I just won’t mention that citation I received earlier this semester).

12. Whatever happened to *insert old friend’s name here*?

If you haven’t heard me mention that name in a while, there is probably a reason for it.

13. How are your finances going?

Well, I might need an advance on my inheritance.

14. Are you still working out?

Ugh. Everyone gains weight in college, OK?

15. Are you sure you want to eat all that cheese before dinner?

When I am chewing, I get a break from answering these horrendous questions. More Brie, less small talk, please.

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10 Reasons Everything Is Better In The Summer

You know it is true.

I know we're still in the middle of winter where the days are short and dark and the nights are below freezing. While the winter is fun and exciting, especially with the ever-prevalent hope of a possible snow day, a little bit of seasonal depression might be kicking in for some of us. That is what inspired me to take a step back from the cold and reminisce about what makes the summer the most special time of the year.

1. There is no school

This means no responsibilities no waking up early, no homework, no classes and no studying. These past few summers, I've had to work, which in some way still requires getting up early and having responsibilities. But, come on, summer jobs are nothing like the real world, or the strict school calendar.

2. The days are SO much longer

I can't wait for when it isn't dark at 5:30 and the day feels like it's over even before it really begins. In the summer, getting dinner at 7 p.m. and driving to the beach to watch the sunset seems like the perfect plan. Waiting to eat dinner in the winter until 7 p.m. is the WORST because it's already been dark for close to two hours and my internal clock gets so thrown off.

3. No makeup

There's something that happens when you're tan and happy, the need for makeup goes completely out the window. Either you're going to the beach later that day, or you just don't even think of it because your skin is finally clearing up from the dryness of the dark winter days.

4. Bathing suit and shorts—NO COAT

Not being able to walk outside without bundling up in a coat, hat, gloves, scarf, two pairs of pants, and snow boots is getting a little old. In just a few months, we'll be sweating in just shorts and a tank top, and I cannot wait.

5. Better vibes

For whatever reason, everyone is genuinely more kind and happy in the summer.

6. Bonfires with best friends

This is something my friend group executes perfectly and it is the best because I grew up around fires every Sunday in the summer and a week-long vacation where every night was closed around a bonfire.

7. Driving with all the windows down

Coming home from the beach or work with all the windows down, but the AC still blaring— I don't really know what it is but it's amazing.

8. Laying on top of the covers

Even though you're only wearing an oversized T-shirt and the AC is on, for whatever reason, there's just no way u can stay under the covers. You'll probably wake up in an hour sweating profusely but, still, there is something amazing about this.

9. Vacations

Whether it's a mid-day road trip with no destination or week-long trips to the beach, everything is just so much more fun and enjoyable.

10. Staying up and waking up late

In the wise words of Luke Bryan, "Sunrise, sunburn, sunset. Repeat."

Cover Image Credit: Maryanne Mahoney

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12 Reasons To Be Excited For Spring This Year

It's been a long winter, we deserve this.

It seems as though the weather (especially in the midwest) seems to be incredibly unpredictable around this time year. We are in a very weird transition between the back end of winter, and the early months of spring. Yet, before we know it, we will be in the months of April and May all within the blink of an eye.

Students, in particular, anticipate the arrival summer all year. This anticipation usually distracts people as they move into the spring months, and always causes people to ignore all the awesome things about spring. While we're waiting, perhaps we should take more time to appreciate all the good that comes with spring.

1. It is a new beginning

Spring is the renaissance month of the four. It is a chance to be reborn again and prepare for the rest of the year with a clear mind. Many people are doing the annual "spring cleaning" and getting a fresh start.

2. The sun is out longer

The winter solstice is the promise of longer days in contrast to the shorter days of winter. Longer days turn into long nights and allow for both outdoor and outdoor activities to be extended into the day. Plus, it doesn't always feel like it's as late as it should be.

3. The sun is hotter

While the weather is still sometimes cold throughout spring, you can still feel how hot the sun is in your head and your face. Even when the weather is still fluctuating, the sun is the one thing that feels good.

4. Everything is colorful

The presence of the sun means that everything starts to gain its color back. The dry, yellow grass of winter turns into a vibrant green. The disappearance of constant gloomy clouds turns into the beautiful blue sky. Everything from nature, to animals, and even people seem to have a brighter shade of happiness to it.

5. The weather is just right

While it may fluctuate, at least it's not winter. Most of the time it isn't cold enough to wear a winter jacket, but not hot enough to just go into a t-shirt. A sweatshirt and jeans are the best bet every day and it brings a stable amount of comfortability.

6. Everything is in bloom

Because the weather is just right, life starts to bloom everywhere. Flowers of all kinds litter fields and gardens. Flower buds cover the tree branches and eventually turn into vibrantly colored leaves. Life is happening everywhere.

7. Even the rain is beautiful

They say, "April showers bring May flowers". Something about the rain in spring is soothing though. It serves as a reminder that the gray blanket of winter is being washed away, and we are getting a cleansing for the upcoming season.

8. It's always a long winter

Winters in the midwest seem last forever. They are always very cold, unforgiving, and relentless. The drag of winter leads to the onset of seasonal depression and eventually becomes a nuisance altogether. Entering spring means the end of a long internal and external battle against the weather.

9. Everyone is coming out of hibernation

Birds, animals and even people are starting to wake up again and become more active after the long winter. Everything feels new and fresh and opportunity is everywhere.

10. It is almost the end of the school year

Spring break is the most fun time of year. Letting loose for a week with friends and family after making it through winter serves as the best reward. After spring break though, there is only a couple of weeks until finals and then we're out of school for the summer.

11. Driving with the windows down

Once the weather gets warmer, it finally becomes bearable to drive with the windows down without experiencing harsh cold. Driving with the windows down is the epitome of summer nostalgia and serves a reminder that summer is near.

12. We are that much closer to summer

Literally one season away.

Although the arrival of summer is the most anticipated of the year, spring is the beautiful pathway to that season. We get to watch summer bloom into warmth, beauty, and relaxation; and that just builds up our anticipation that much more. The seasons always go too fast, and they always have something to offer. Perhaps we should slow down and appreciate them in the moment before they change again.

Cover Image Credit: Allef Vinicius

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