5 Ways To Give A Friend The 'Queer Eye' Makeover They Deserve

5 Ways To Give A Friend The 'Queer Eye' Makeover They Deserve

With this knowledge & know how, you can be all Fab 5 in 1 and change a friend's life!


Netflix's 2018 reboot "Queer Eye" (formerly "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy") has stolen the hearts of internet users far and wide. Nicknamed "The Fab Five," Tan France, Karamo Brown, Jonathan Van Ness, Bobby Berk, and Antoni Porowski are given a not-so-simple challenge: to transform a struggling individual into the most attractive, confident version of themselves. In just a week's time, the five men teach their nominee, or "hero," self-care, personalized fashion and cooking tips, advice in regards to their social life, and even a redecoration of their living space.

Producers on the show weed through thousands of applicants each season to find the perfect lineup of 'heroes' to makeover, and the chances of someone you know being hand-picked are very slim. So, instead of waiting for months & months for your troubled friend to be one of the lucky chosen few, why not be their own personal life coach? Think about it: you know this person inside & out, they already trust you, and this can only strengthen your friendship! Ready to get started? Good, because here's everything you need to know to set your friend/family member/significant other/coworker on the path to success. Good luck!

1. Wardrobe: Tan France

This may be the hardest adjustment out of five, considering how nice clothes can be either expensive, difficult sizing, uncomfortable, or just plain unconventional. Approach the situation just as Tan does: by first finding the nominee's unique style. Designer Yves Saint Laurent once said, "Fashions fade, but style is eternal." Tan certainly applies this motto to his work by dressing the heroes in clothing that suits their body type and personality so that they will actually wear the items he suggests. Follow these pointers from Tan...

- purchase a wide variety of basic pieces (white t-shirts, casual jeans, tailored suits, everyday dress shoes)

- buy clothing that is truly your size (you'll look worse if you're an XL trying to squeeze into an L)

- dress in colors that compliment your hair color and skin tone

- accessories can make or break your outfit (add a hat, scarf, or patterned belt for a pop of color)

2. Interior Design: Bobby Berk

Whether they're residing in an apartment, 2-story house, dorm room, or still living at home, there are many enhancements that can be made to declutter & redecorate their space. Remember, you don't have to spend a fortune to spruce up a room or two. Brands like IKEA, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Overstock.com, & AllModern offer cheaper alternatives to furniture and decor, whilst still providing beautiful, quality goods. Follow these pointers from Bobby...

- less is more

- paint your walls lighter colors (dark colored walls often make the room feel smaller/more congested)

- organization is key (invest in storage bins, shelves, closets, & cubbies *especially if you have kids*)

- keep your space clean and tidy (one pair of shoes left out can lead to a messy bedroom floor covered in dirty laundry)

3. Food & Wine: Antoni Porowski

Most likely, your 'hero' is notorious for living solely off of fast food, frozen meals, convenience store snacks, and booze. Though these treats are acceptable in moderation, they're not sustainable for a healthy lifestyle. Throughout his career in the food industry, Antony quickly realized that food, though tasty and fun to create, has the main purpose of fueling and energizing our bodies. He teaches the nominees simple recipes to follow, yet caters each one to the individual's unique tastes, background, and personality. Follow these pointers from Antoni...

- the right spices will make anything taste better

- your wine should mirror your choice of protein (red wine with red meat, white wine with chicken/fish)

- crockpot meals are a GOD SEND for busy people who often don't have time at night to cook

- adding texture to your food can be a big game changer (pineapple in guacamole, peas in mac & cheese, whole almonds on salad)

4. Grooming: Jonathan Van Ness

This element of the transformation might turn your 'hero' away, especially since men tend to view grooming & self-care as feminine practices. As Jonathan states many times throughout the show, "self-care isn't selfish". Wanting to look good for your partner, family, spouse, kids, coworkers, or even just for yourself is encouraged! When your 'hero' is feeling confident in their own skin, they can do anything they put their mind to. Follow these pointers from Jonathan...

- invest in a green stick to cover any red spots or acne scars

- you can make a DIY face mask with the simplest of ingredients (oats, sugar, coconut oil, honey, yogurt, coffee grounds)

- you don't need to wash your hair everyday (it actually makes your scalp drier & flakier)

- sunscreen is a major necessity (pretty sure he says this at least once every episode)

- don't be afraid to experiment with different products or brands

5. Culture: Karamo Brown

Hopefully, this step comes easy between you and your 'hero'. Since you both are already close, you should be able to speak truthfully and kindly to one another. Karamo begins by lightening the mood: join in for a hug, sit down comfortably on the couch, or share a pot of coffee together. Typically, finding the root of your friend's problems will help pull all the pieces of their life back together. Letting them know that you are there for them, that you support them, and that you will help them with their goals will ignite their fire for change. Like Karamo always says, "being vulnerable is not a sign of weakness", so don't be afraid to open up to one another. Follow these pointers from Karamo...

- create both a long-term and short-term timeline

- develop a written daily/weekly routine and stick to it (laundry on Sundays, pay rent on Thursdays, walk dog after work)

- physical exercise releases endorphins, keeps you active, and puts you in a social setting at the gym

- be honest with yourself and with your family

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30 Reasons The Life Of A Communication Major Is Marvelous, As Told By Mrs. Maisel

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1. Getting cute for your presentations because you have those like, every day. 


2. When you get the “So you must suck at math, huh?” comment. 


3. When your professor says they have a fun activity planned, but it’s always group work.


4. When you dispute a grade thinking nothing will come of it, but your professors are actually chill af and *communicate* with you on an agreed grade.


5. When someone says “Isn’t your major just common sense?” 


6. When you see people out enjoying their lives and you’re still trying to figure out the difference between the primary and secondary triads of the quasi-categorical syllogism.


7. When someone did you dirty and you’re about to give them a piece of your mind, but then you remember what you learned about aggressive communication in chapter 3.


8. When you’re doing team building exercises and some higher power (really just your clumsy self) bestowed the privilege of losing the competition for the whole group to you. 


9. Knowing that online tests are non-existent for comm majors.


10. When a non-communication major comes to you for help but doesn't want to take your communication advice. 


11. When you try to recreate a joke from your class to a non-communication major, but all you get from them are crickets.


12. Basically knowing everyone's business because you know exactly how to get it out of them. 


13. Your reaction when someone says, “Oh, you must LOVE people.”


14. When your professor calls you out to give an impromptu speech.


15. When your GroupMe notifications interrupt time with your S/O.


16. When someone sarcastically says “Communication? Oh that’s hard.” 


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18. When you analyze media and realize how blatantly sexist, racist, and just phobic in general the world is.


19. When you leave class with an entirely new outlook on people and the universe. 


20. Attempting to not be judgmental while analyzing people in public. 


21. When you actually try to narrow down your career possibilities.


22. When you’re locked up in the library writing, yet again, another 10 page research paper on analyzing and critiquing the human race.


23. When your entire class gets sidetracked and starts a passionate discussion on how to eliminate the world of all social issues.


24. Simply trying to communicate with non-communication majors.


25. When you walk past other comm classrooms and see things you’re not sure you just saw (ex: an entire class playing kazoos…true story).


26. When you want a second pair of eyes proofreading your essay but they just say your papers are always good. *hair flip*


27. Paying attention in class because you actually LOVE what you're learning.


28. When people ask what bae thinks about you being a comm major and you enlighten them on your happy relationship, partially due to your communication competence.


29. When you realize you’ll have to graduate from your beloved SOC one day.


30. That feeling you always get when you think back on all the amazing memories you’ve made and know there is no other major out there for you.


Whether marvelous means marvelous or marvelous is being said sarcastically, we sure do love our major and wouldn't trade it for the world.

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