When I saw that Netflix announced a reboot of the show "Queer Eye", I was intrigued. The original show came on when I was younger, but I do know that the show revolutionized how television portrayed gay males. I sat down and took one for the team and binge-watched the whole season. I finally have figured out why this reboot is so amazing and why you should watch it.

1. It's inclusive.

The original Fab Five group were all buff white men. While there is nothing wrong with a group of white men, there's more than just white men in the gay community. This reboot has Bobby Berk who's black as well as Tan France who is Muslim. Inclusion on television is important because even if one person connects to a member of the Fab Five, then they did their jobs.

2. It breaks stereotypes.

In the first episode, the man they were making over asks one of the Fab Five "Who is the man and who is the woman in your marriage?" The show breaks down stereotypes like this all the time. For the average viewer who is not gay, it's easy to make assumptions about the gay community. They combat questions in a non-preachy way and use the platform to educate.

3. They aren't promising miracles.

The Fab Five is very straightforward when they talk about the extent of their makeovers. They aren't looking to give a style overhaul for their clients, they're offering suggestions that are easy changes to make someone their best self. If someone isn't comfortable with any aspect of their makeover, they offer options. They want to make you the best version of you, not a brand new person.

4. It's a fun time.

Though the show combats serious issues in the gay community, it also is actually fun to watch. It doesn't take itself too seriously. The Fab Five actually enjoys what they're doing and it shows. They become so emotionally invested that they're genuinely happy when they see their clients change for the better.

5. Jonathan.

Jonathan Van Ness is a human sunshine that spits rainbows. He is the "grooming expert" of the Five but is also the comedic relief of the group. He's loud, flamboyant, and incredibly sweet. He's almost always the first to emotional cry which shows how big his heart is. I could probably write six pages on how much I love this man.

6. What they teach is universal.

From recipes to style to introspection, what the Fab Five teaches isn't just for introverts with bad style...it's for everyone. Try watching it with an open mind and suddenly you will realize just how their lessons can apply to you as well. Plus they always have fun recipes which are just an added bonus!

7. It shows just how the world is changing.

Most of the episodes were filmed within Georgia. When I saw that they filmed in the south, I assumed the worst. While I'm sure some people within the towns met the Fab Five with some hostility or close-mindedness, for the most part, everyone seemed really open to having five random gay men hang out with them and make over their friends. This show really showcases how much the world has changed for the better!

Check out Queer Eye on Netflix, it's totally worth binge watching for the quotable material alone, but you'll probably learn something about yourself too along the way!