20 Quarantine Activities
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20 Quarantine Activities

As a busy body that was working 3 jobs and commuting all over New York before Quarantine hit, I am not used to having very much spare time on my hands. With having so much spare time, which I am trying to see as a positive, I am trying to be as productive around the house as possible!


Here are 20 quarantine activities that I have done to be productive and pass the time!

1. Support Small Businesses and Ethical / Eco Friendly Brands


Although we should not be online shopping for unnecessary things right now, I think it is important to support small businesses and ethical - eco friendly brands!

Personally, if ordering take out recently, I have been trying to support family run restaurants rather than chains! So many small businesses are struggling right now, so every order helps them try to stay open to support their families!

One ethical / eco-friendly brand that I love - if you can't resist online shopping - is SandCloud. I am actually an Ambassador for them and if you use code CatherinOcn25 you can get 25% off your order! SandCloud is a brand that supports ocean life and they make things like towels and hoodies out of recycled materials! So if you're looking for a new towel to spread out on and tan in your backyard - I definitely recommend!

2. Paint / Draw / Explore your Creative Side 

Catherine O'Connor

I am probably the world's worst artist, but something that I have found as a comfort throughout quarantine is exploring my artistic side. It doesn't matter if it comes out perfect or not, it is your work and it is beautiful!

3. Puzzles / Board Games

Catherine O'Connor

I do not recommend this if you and / or your family have short tempers! I spent a few hours the other day working on a 500 piece puzzle of Ireland - just to be missing 4 pieces! Other than that, it was a fun time!

4. Explore with Cooking and Baking

Catherine O'Connor

I know for many it is hard to get groceries right now, so something I've really appreciated is a website called Supercook. This website allows you to input all of the food items you have at home, and then lists all of the recipes you would be able to make! I would not consider my pantry anywhere near stocked right now and I am still able to make thousands of things!

If you are able to experiment with cooking and baking, I definitely recommend it! I recently made a birthday cake for my brother, lasagna for my family and Irish Soda Bread for our neighbors.

5. Deep Clean


Especially with everything going on right now, it is so important to make sure our houses are clean.

I have driven my family absolutely mad by giving everyone cleaning tasks, but although they complain they do appreciate the very clean house!

6. Spring Cleaning


With the warmer weather coming and endless amounts of time on our hands, this will probably be the best spring cleaning of our lives!

My family has created an immense pile for donations and we will keep working on this throughout the next few weeks!

7. Explore New Music


Another thing that's been keeping me occupied is exploring new music. With Spotify, I have endless possibilities for finding new music and I've been loving exploring new genres and bands!

8. Listen to Podcasts


With spring cleaning and deep cleaning, a great way to pass the time and keep your mind occupied is listening to podcasts. I am obsessed with the podcast Pretty Basic!

Plus, you can zone out your family arguing in the next room! Win - win!

9. Read!

Catherine O'Connor

We all have that pile of books to read that's been waiting for us for months on end! This is the perfect time to sit outside in the sun, maybe with your fluffy friend, and get to it! I've been reading Megyn Kelly's book and I love it!

10. Go Through Paperwork


Even with considering myself very minimalistic with paperwork, it still builds up on me! I've taken the time to go through my important paperwork and toss/shred unnecessary things!

11. Redecorate


Not only with a change of seasons among us, with being inside cooped up - it is nice to change our surroundings a bit and take this time to redecorate. Maybe you have a pile of picture frames to hang or furniture sitting in the garage! Now is the perfect time to spruce up your home and enjoy it!

12. Rebrand your Social Media


As someone studying communications, this is probably more prevalent to me but still important and beneficial for everyone! It is on my to do list to rebrand some of my social medias, including updating my linkedin and changing the vibe of my Instagram!

13. Create Daily To Do Lists and Schedules


For the first week or two of quarantine, I really struggled with the lack of a schedule. I didn't get very much done and I set my alarms for just minutes before my Zoom classes.

I have really found that creating daily to do lists, using the reminders app on my phone, has helped me astronomically. It can be a list as simple as make morning coffee, eat breakfast at 9:30, get homework done and make bed. Even though most of that is probably something you'd do anyways, checking it off a to do list is so much more rewarding and will probably inspire you to get even more done - and feel accomplished!

14. Catch up With Friends 

This is the perfect time to catch up with friends, especially those that live further away and you don't see very often. I am a huge fan of virtual happy hours and have had so much fun catching up with my friends!

15. Work Out


Regardless of having home equipment or not, there are so many options for working out at home! YouTube is a really great source for free workout classes and most workout studios and gyms are providing some sort of virtual classes or membership!

This is a great time to work on your workout goals and achieve them! We have so much time on our hands, let's use it!

16. Catch up on Movies and TV Shows


I absolutely love the show on Netflix Self Made and 10/10 recommend!

This is a great time to check off some shows and movies off your list!

If you have little ones at home or just want a bit of an at home adventure, make a fort to watch a movie in!

17. Educate Yourself on Something New 

I have been using some of my quarantine time to research the possibility of becoming a fitness instructor! I think that this time is so amazing because we can do all of the things we have been wanting to do for months or even years and just haven't gotten around to. Like learning a new language or taking an online class!

18. Meditate / Pray


Whatever aspect of spiritual you are, whether it comes from praying or meditating, use this time to help your inner peace.

It is a very scary time but try to remember how we can make it a positive!

19. Spread Positivity


Although this is a very scary time, I think it is important to try to stay positive and spread positivity! Just like anything else, we have to make the most of it! I spent a good week or two moping and doing nothing, and it just made me feel worse. By being more productive and positive, I feel so much better and I'm able to make the most of this time.

20. Write / Reflect


I've always wanted to be a journal person, but I never know what to write about. I recently purchased a journal that is a five - year journal called One question a day. Basically there is a prompt for every day and I will use this for the next 5 years and see how my mindset has changed. I really like this and definitely recommend it if you are like me and want to journal, but don't know where to start!

In addition to that, this is a time period that none of us have ever experienced anything like before. I think that it is so important to reflect and write or record our experiences for future generations to look back on!

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