Quality Brands that Stand for Even Greater Causes
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Quality Brands that Stand for Even Greater Causes

These brands donate a portion of their proceeds towards a variety of causes

Quality Brands that Stand for Even Greater Causes

While browsing the Internet this week, I came across some unique clothing brands that stood for some amazing causes. Now first off, some of these brands are advertised all over social media such as Facebook or Instagram. Second, I would like to point out that this article is in no way a paid advertisement, these are just brands I have come across and compiled that I believe go towards some amazing causes that I believe we can all appreciate. I love knowing where my money is going and even though that does not replace directly contributing to the causes through donations or volunteering, it makes me feel better knowing that I can support a cause and represent that through clothing. This can cause an impact by spreading awareness and creating meaningful conversations about these causes.

Some widespread brands that I've come to enjoy include:


Pawz's mission is one I can happily get behind as a fellow animal lover. From their website (https://pawzshop.com) they write:

"Count to 7, in that time a helpless animal was just put down in the United States. Each year 3.7 million homeless animals are euthanized simply because shelters do not have the resources to provide for them. Pawz™ was created to raise money for saving these animals. We are a proud supporter of Humanesociety.org. We are featuring the StarkHumane.org shelter to donate 10% of net profits to."

Pawz has a wide range of merchandise such as t-shirts, outer wear, necklaces, and other accessories. I myself have purchased one of these t-shirts and I wear it all the time. It's a high quality and comfortable brand that I highly recommend.

Ivory Ella

What may be deemed as just a "white girl thing," Ivory Ella also stands for an important cause. Ivory Ella donated 10% of their net profits to Save the Elephants and other charitable causes. Their prints are made to inspire others and are in turn inspired by other cultures, places, and people.

Love Your Melon

Love Your Melon has gained some recent traction and for an amazing reason. Love Your Melon gives a hat to every child in America that is battling cancer as well as supporting nonprofit organizations who help lead the fight against pediatric cancer. They do many promotional events at hockey games, baseball games, and even at Relay for Life Events in order to raise awareness and raise money towards fighting pediatric cancer.

Lesser known brands you should look into:


Serengetee’s mission is “by purchasing fabric from over 25 countries, we support artisans, their families, and ancient fabric making traditions."

On their website, you can customize the fabric used in their pocket tees, accessories, headwear, and bags. Their pocket tees include a wide range from crop tops and crew shirts to baseball tees and sweaters. What makes this brand even better aside from the customization is that you can buy fabrics from all over the world.

What makes it particularly cool is that you can even search fabrics that will donate money to specific causes such as human trafficking, animal rights
, arts and culture, clean water, disaster relief, education, environmental, health, microfinance, poverty relief, and USA Veterans.

Miko Moko

Miko Moko is a new prescription glasswear company that believes in cutting out the middleman. They are founded on the basis that quality doesn’t need to be expensive.

What is even better about this brand is that you choose the price you pay for your glasses! What is even better than that is that 50% of the price you choose goes directly towards The Nepal Youth Foundation. That means you can customize a price that unifies affordability and charitably because exactly half of your purchase goes towards their charity of choice because they cut out the middle man with normally cuts into how much companies can afford to donate. Learn more about this foundation here: http://www.nepalyouthfoundation.org.uk/

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