Put Away Your New Year's Revolutions
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Put Away Your New Year's Revolutions

Not a "new you", a wiser same you.

Put Away Your New Year's Revolutions

We've come back around to the best and worst time of year again- the turn of a new year. Along with the champagne toast and the ball dropping in New York City comes failed promises of gym memberships, diets and a plastered social media feed of "New Year, New Me."

We all fall victim to it. Listing off all the expectations we're setting for the new year, all the things we've decided we want to change about ourselves and by February forgetting all about them and by mid March being disappointed in ourselves that we didn't stick to it-yet again.

I'm no exception to this. I'm famous for saying "oh well, this year I'm going to chance A, B and C about me this year. I'm going to be a new me." But why do I want to be a new me when I can be a wiser same me?

Looking back on 2016 I think we can all agree it has been a year of ... changes. Some (including myself) will say it was the worst year they've every had. Others will say ( and good for them) that it was a good year, maybe the best they've had. Either way I think we can all agree that life is unpredictable. That no matter what and who we started 2016 with may not be who's with us ringing in 2017.

Think for a moment the turn of 2015 to 2016. Think of the list of expectations we had, the body goals we set, the goals for our piggy bank and our job, the people we thought we could count on that leave the first sight of trouble, the people we didn't even know yet that impacted our 2016 so greatly we'd never be the same without them. Think about what it would be like if those expectations played out. Think about all the people and places we found accidentally we'd never come across if things went exactly how we wanted it to.

Now look at 2017.Don't close yourself off with all these expectations of how it should go and let 2017 take you were you need to go.

Instead take a minute to write a list of reminders for yourself. Not substantial things like where you'll be in life, with who you'll be with, with how much money and what size you'll be. Keep a list of things to remember when we hit a low and need a boost.

Things to remember:

1. You are loved.

2. Nothing is permanent, this will pass.

3. That person you are crying for is irrelevant in the grand scheme of your life. Think about the people you've cried for in the past, where are they now? Do you cry about them still? No, time heals all things, including you so save yourself that extra tissue. Everything is a blessing because everything happens for a reason.

4. Don't let anyone control YOUR life. The decisions you choose affect you and only you. They should be yours.

5. Enjoy the company of your friends and family, you never know when the last time will be with them.

6. Take a minute to look at your surroundings, bask in the sun, feel the wind on your face, watch the leaves fall off the trees and see the beauty that nature offers.

7.Look where you are, how far you've come from where you started and where you're journey is taking you.

8. Don't lose who you are for anyone. You are you and anyone who wants to change that or can't see how amazing that is doesn't deserve being around you.

9. Don't allow negativity into your life. When you surround yourself with negative people you become them, don't allow yourself that.

10. Positive thoughts = positive outcomes.

11. Say what you feel. Go for it. Don't hold back. If you love them, tell them. If you want a future with them, tell them. If you don't see one, tell them. But don't swallow words that need to be said because before you know it, it'll be too late.

12. Be kind. Leave a mark on those you meet. Even if it's a stranger on the street, leave their day brighter and the world will return the favor.

13. Don't let the past define you, but don't let it repeat itself. Learn from what happened but don't let it hold you back from your future. Every day, week, month is a chance to change it around.

14. Don't wait till tomorrow. Stop counting on a day you aren't promised. Do it today. Go explore a new place, try a new food. Be worldly because the only memories you have are those that are created yourself.

15. Enjoy every minute of 2017. Good, bad, ugly. It doesn't matter because each of theses minutes shapes your future and who you become.

Go into 2017 with an open mind and an open heart ready for what the world has to offer. Spend out positivity and kindness and you'll receive what you give. It's a new year but not a new you. It's a better, wiser you.

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