This election was been a rough one; while it isn't the first election to be "dirty" and insult heavy, it has been the most insult heavy in recent memory. Many people are predicting that it will be a low turnout due to this election not having any real candidate to make anyone happy and I am including the third party candidates as well in that statement. Each side is finding new ways to draw people to the polls. There are also new ways to entice voters to vote for their party.


Numerous websites have been using puppies to either de-stress people about the election or use them at voting and registration sites. There are links below that use puppies to draw voters in.

Despite the fact you will probably not get a puppy when you vote, you should still vote. Voting this year will help decide the future of America.

There are also quite a few supports groups available if needed. Snuggle a puppy if needed.

Thanks for reading! :)