My pug love began when I was seven years old. As I eagerly came home on my seventh birthday, I discovered a baby pug sprawled on my kitchen floor, and my heart immediately became covered in slobber and dog hair. 14 years later, I still cherish my love of pugs, and fondly remember my furry friend. Here are the 15 reasons why pugs are my, and man's, best friend:

1. They snort...and make weird noises

2. They look great in costumes

3. They are constantly spinning in circles

4. Their curly Q tail can always make you smile

5. Their smashed faces are too pinch-able

6. They make adorable puppies

7. However, they also make irresistible old puppers

8. They make"great" swimmers

9. They make a great gym dog

10. They are,also, the ultimate couch potato

11. They may be small, but they are fierce and protective

12.Their insanely long tongue will always wipe away your tears

13. Their love for food is just as extreme as your own

14. Their bug eyes...just too funny

15. Their lovable personality

I can't wait to be that crazy pug lady.