To this day, public speaking remains the number one fear at 19 percent and death coming in at number two at 16 percent. We fear talking in front of a crowd of people more than our lives ending. Why? Is it really that awful? For some, the answer is yes. We do not have control over our bodies; those nervous ticks.

Those ticks look and feel like this:

Uncontrolled levels of breathing, due to nerves and anxiety.

Clammy hands and skin.

Some people even get a rash that becomes difficult to hide.

The feeling like you are going to faint.

Forgetting what you are going to say.

Or not being able to read your notes/manuscript.

Just the overall feeling of nausea.

Stuttering and shaking voice.

The good news is that if you are one of those people who dreads public speaking, you are not alone. In other good news, there are also ways that you can strengthen your skills and make yourself appear more confident. Some ways you could do this is by practicing in front of a mirror before hand, using eye contact with your audience, dressing professionally, using language your audience will understand, and trying different breathing/relaxation exercises before your speech.

The more practice you have with public speaking the easier it will get. Most people understand the pressure one feels when in the position of public speaker. So for those of you gearing up for end of the semester presentations, I wish you the best of luck.