Ah being a Penn State student—some of the greatest four years of your life. If you're a student from the best school in the world, you can definitely say you've done the following:

1. You have almost died going through the revolving library doors.

2. You have been too drunk to stand on the bleachers properly during a football game... so you got a chicken basket and sat down instead.

3. You tried going to the Den with a fake ID.

4. You cursed under your breath walking up the Shortlidge hill.

5. You went to McClanahans for a specific item and walked out with five other things.

6. You said "We Are" to a tour group, not really out of school pride but just to be an asshole.

7. You went to Bagel Crust looking like a complete zombie in a valiant effort to get rid of your hangover.

8. You skipped class to day drink.

9. You skipped class to lie in bed and do nothing.

10. You ordered pokey sticks by yourself. And ate them by yourself.

11. You ordered pokey sticks and fell asleep.

12. You became best friends with whoever you ended up standing next to at the student section.

13. You ended up absolutely hating who you stood next to at the student section.

14. You went to class somewhat buzzed.

15. You scheduled classes at midnight upstairs at a fraternity or in the bathroom of the bar.

16. You threw up in Waffle Shop.

17. You stole someone's fracket.

19. You felt violated going through security at the Pollock Testing Center.

20. You went to the White Building in an attempt to work out but really just lied on the mats and checked social media.

21. You stole forks and spoons for the Commons.

22. You slept at a fraternity/apartment just because you didn't feel like walking home.

23. You cut the salad bar line at the HUB.

24. You actually waited in the Starbucks line at the HUB because you were that desperate for caffeine.

25. You cried at THON...either from pure exhaustion or emotions.

26. You peed somewhere that was not a bathroom somewhere in Fratland.

27. You sat in Canyons/DP Dough and cried after a night out.

28. You fell off an elevated surface. It was embarrassing.

29. You had an awful dated function or FFF experience.

30. You took a shit ton of pics at the Lion Shrine.

31. You went to the Career Fair only to leave completely clueless and very overwhelmed.

32. You took someone's clicker to a lecture class for them.

33. You signed in to a class and then left. Bye BBH 119.

34. You have waited over an hour just to see your advisor...who was literally no help at all.

35. You saw a football player IRL and felt some type of way.

36. You wrote in the wrong frat GroupMe.

37. You begged your professor to change your grade to an A after doing the absolute least during the semester.

38. You went to UHS with a serious illness or injury and they told you it was the common cold.

39. You made up a complete BS excuse to a professor about something.

40. You went to LionTutors more than the actual class.

41. You slipped on ice walking to class, ate shit, and continued walking to class.

42. You got in a fight with ARPM or Penn State Housing.

43. You got an underage. Or at least been scared shitless about getting one.

44. You got in a fight with someone about the scandal.

45 . You lied on Old Main Lawn anytime the weather was above 55 degrees

46. You met your best friends.

47. You avoided thinking about graduation.

48. But ultimately had to buy a cap and gown.

49. You realized that coming to Penn State was the decision of your life.