Prove it-Poetry on Odyssey

I don’t know who I am to

ice and snow

can anyone know?


Sometimes I want to talk

to the moon on Sunday nights

or sometimes after practice

I am cold

often without her

I like the way she moves the tide

I wonder if she knows

what kind of pull she has

on all of us

on everyone that she touches

I don’t want to plant something

that’s never going to grow

there is nowhere to go

but up

after low


that shouldn’t scare you

the way it used to

no one has a clue

count to two

before you jump in

head first

is probably not a good idea

but you can close your eyes

and hold someone’s hand

turn it around

turn it around

back to you again

if you can

again and again and again

cement softens when you speak

to it in your quiet voice

save it for the people

who need it most

spend too much time

on the West Coast

you’ll find love under

the 2nd lamppost

in the 1st Harry Potter book

in between the pages you skipped

the first time you read it

don’t wait for the moment that

laughter turns back into


catch things only in your hands

let some of them slip through

your fingers won’t hold compassion

the way you want them to

keep the apologies in

a glass jar

look don’t touch

if you can help it

they are better kept just out of reach

like long term goals

and the cookie jar

watch the world move

from the inside of a taxi

learn the most on days when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed what is hard now will someday be a warm up warm up warm up before you put in the work let your body be one with things that you do stay warm in airports delayer if needed take public transportation write more don’t listen to this list don’t let people tell you what to do to do to do to do do it yourself is that the most searched for thing on pintrest probably or recipes for food but never for the perfect way to love somebody or yourself that would be a better one two three four five six seven eight candles sometimes burn down at the most inconvenient times its okay its okay its okay leave out the apostrophe on days when your hands go numb breathe into them and the air around you will turn back into breath

I think


is like climbing stairs


I just proved it

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