I have been very hesitant upon writing this article, but thanks to the support from others and myself just dropping what other think about me, I finally have finally decided.

I fully support Donald Trump.

There's a number of people who ask me why I support "such a racist, foolish bigot." The main reason why I support Trump is because if anybody can get the United States out of the 19.5 trillion dollar debt, it is Donald Trump. It is very obvious that he knows how to make money and jobs, which is exactly what this country needs.

Most people call him (and probably me) racist for doing this, but banning all Muslim travel will increase safety in this country immensely. Just look at what is currently happening in Middle Eastern countries like Syria and Afghanistan. I certainly don't want that to happen here, and I also most certainly do not want another attack like the World Trade Center that happened 15 years ago. You never know when something like that may happen, and banning the extremists who may cause it will bring that chance down.

I trust him much more than I trust Hillary Clinton. Hillary and her whole email situation just breaks all deals. How can you place someone in the highest rank in political America who already sent classified information to unknown groups?? I trust Trump because he already says everything on his mind and he does not hide anything. He obviously doesn't care how many people disagree with him.

That leads me to the last main reason why I support Trump. He speaks his mind and says things that others are afraid of saying. Some people are scared that he is like that, but I like it and started to be like that myself and not be as afraid of what people think of me.

So, yes. I do support Donald Trump and proud to say it. I really hope he becomes president and makes America Great Again!